Two dumped Islanders are getting together?! Plus Islander stole £350 of stuff from the villa?!

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Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Dumped Islanders Amber and Kodie are flirting HARD

Ever since Kodie was dumped from Casa Amor, he’s been posting TikToks alluding to a certain Islander he wanted to get to know, and posting flirty videos. And now Amber has also been dumped, he’s made it very clear he has his eyes on her.


#duet with @Kodie Murphy #foryoupage hehe waiting on the dm.. 👀

♬ on my way – senia ❦

Plus, when she returned to the UK, one of the first things Amber did was duet one of Kodie’s TikToks about her, and said: “Who, me?” adding the caption: “Hehe, waiting on the DM…” It’s happening!

It seems the date of the Love Island 2023 final has been confirmed

Going by every other year, it had been estimated Love Island 2023 was going to come to end on Monday, July 31st. But now it seems this final date has been confirmed on Aftersun.

At the weekend, Sam Thompson was gushing about how much he loved Ella B as a bombshell and accidentally added “Ella B’s a perfect bombshell for two and a half weeks to go.” Cheers Sam!

This week, Ofcom has received even more complaints about how Islanders are treating Scott

Love Island 2023

via ITV

Last week it was reported regulator Ofcom had received 1,000 complaints about alleged bullying towards Scott, from his fellow Islanders. This week, it’s been confirmed a further 80 complaints were lodged, also about Scott’s treatment.

Over a single episode of Love Island on 11 July, a spokesperson confirmed the complaints regarded “alleged bullying towards Scott from the other Islanders.” In this episode, some of the Islanders made catty comments about Scott deciding to get to know Abi, and questioned his “game” in the villa.

Ekin-Su and Davide were ‘all over each other’ at the ITV summer party

I am obsessed with the rumours Ekin-Su and Davide are back together, just weeks after they announced they’d split up. This week they were pictured getting into a taxi home together after the ITV summer party, and were apparently “all over each other” whilst there.

Ummm, a dumped Islander was told she owes producers £350 for stealing from the villa?!

via ITV

Leah has spilled all about how bombshell Charlotte, who she entered the villa with, nearly got into big trouble for nabbing a load of goodies from the villa when she was dumped. Leah said she helped Charlotte pack some of the beauty products and makeup from the villa into her suitcase as she was dumped, and on Instagram told her followers what happened afterwards.

She said: “I have the funniest story to this one. Can you steal stuff when you’re dumped? The answer is I’m unsure, but when Charlotte was leaving, me and her were crying and having our moment. Then we suddenly decided to go shopping in the dressing room I’m not even lying we were stacking her case with all of these products, laughing our heads off at this point.”

She said they chucked “everything” into the case, before realising a producer was watching. She added: “Someone was like, ‘Charlotte you now owe us £350,’ obviously it was just a joke but honestly we took so much stuff and just shoved it in her case. I don’t know if she even ended up taking it home but yeah when I was leaving I didn’t take anything, so that’s sad.”

The All Stars series is confirmed, and apparently filming later this year!!

There has been a lot of talk about an All Stars version of Love Island recently, with icon Maura Higgins confirming she was approached by producers to take part, but unfortunately turned them down.

Well, today The Sun has confirmed the series IS happening, and is reporting filming will start in October! A source said: “Filming kicks off in Fiji in October – that’s where they film the US version of the show. Bosses are in talks with over 100 contestants from the US, UK and Australian versions of the show including a controversial UK winner and one of the most memorable girls from a legendary season.”

Apparently some of the names being thrown around include Scott Thomas, Kem Cetinay and Sophie Piper. Ok then!!!

via ITV

Channel 4 is making a Love Island for virgins?!

Umm, Channel 4 apparently has a “Love Island for virgins” in the works. Yes, really! According to The Sun, the show will be called exactly that too, Virgin Island.

A TV insider said: “This is very much a Love Island scenario, but a dating show with a real difference. Instead of being desperate to bed one another, this programme will see them take tentative steps towards losing their virginity and look at some of the science and theory behind sexual attraction.

“Of course it has echoes of Love Island but it’s a bit more sophisticated and complicated than just lazing round a pool eyeing each other up before all pairing up for bedtime antics when the lights go out.”

Apparently the show will follow the singles “right up to the moment they take the plunge”…um, ok?

The Ella and Whitney drama continues tonight

Love Island 2023

via ITV

In a first look at tonight’s episode, Ella T and Whitney leave the villa to have a one-to-one, as they attempt to iron out their differences. In the chat, it’s clear there’s still a feud there and Whitney announces they’re “not friends”. Here’s a full preview of tonight’s episode. 

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