People are accusing Love Island producers of ‘editing in’ beef with Scott, Abi and Whitney

Ok but we all saw them pulling faces at Whitney and Lochan being voted most popular, right?

There was a moment on Love Island last night that people can’t stop talking about: Scott and Abi seeming to pull faces at each other when Whitney and Lochan were voted as the favourite couple by the public.

Maya Jama returned to the villa to tell the Islanders the public had been voting for a favourite couple, and announced the news Whitney and Lochan had the most votes. The camera then panned to their fellow Islanders to see their reactions – most were smiling and clapping, but Scott and Abi were seen looking shocked and rolling their eyes.

Love Island producers accused of editing beef with Scott Abi Whitney and Lochan

via ITV

Look, there has been talk about beef with Scott since Casa Amor. People have theorised Whitney ended her friendship with him since Catherine left, and the other Islanders chose Catherine’s side in their argument, so now Scott has been left secluded from his fellow Islanders.

But, were the facial expressions last night all they seemed? Twitter is questioning the moment, and has accused Love Island producers of editing the clips to make us think there’s some sort of beef between the couples, still.

People think the clip of Abi and Scott looking shocked was actually a reaction to something else, and the producers purposely placed it after the vote reveal to make it seem like there’s more drama there.

“The Scott and Abi face was definitely the producers editing cause Scott literally said Whitney was his best friend like use your heads for a second,” one person said. Another added: “The editing looks like Scott is cleaning a kiss from Abi and then trying to adjust the eyes again.”

Other people think the beef is very much rife, and have suggested there might be something going on between Abi and Whitney. Either that, or the fact Abi and Scott weren’t voted least compatible last time has gone to their heads.

“After that one vote you all made them think they were the couple to beat no wonder they’re surprised,” one person joked.

I need answers!

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