Hinge deleted Hinge hacked

Omg guys, Hinge is down and people’s accounts are getting ‘deleted’

Noooo all my mediocre matches

Omg guys, the apocalypse finally happened – Hinge is down and has apparently deleted endless people’s accounts with no warning, with users on Twitter assuming the app has been “hacked”.

People are having an absolute meltdown over being locked out of the app as all of their matches are seemingly lost into the digital abyss forever. Like, what if our soul mate is somewhere in there?! What about James? And Tom? And Harry? And Greg?

According to Down Detector there was a huge Hinge outage from 3PM onwards, with 92 per cent of people reporting problems on the app not even being able to log back in to their accounts once they were booted off.

“@Hinge can’t login it says too many attempts, I was logged out automatically and can’t login again. HELP,” wrote one Twitter user. “Hinge deleted everyone’s accounts,” added another. “Venus retrograde really wants people texting exes.” This is a crisis. S. O. S. 

“If my Hinge does down on the day of a date should I take that as a sign from god?” questioned another girl and tbh, maybe yes. Could it be time to go outside and touch some grass?

Obv, this outage is not all bad news. For any of us dating really mediocre boys named Dan we can finally unshackle ourselves from the torture of small talk and move on with our lives.

But for anyone with marriage and kids plans with the love of their life they haven’t exchanged numbers with yet – this is dark.

The Tab contacted Hinge to confirm why the app was down and whether it had been hacked and are yet to receive a response from the app.

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