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Warning: All of the innocent behaviour that could get you banned from Hinge

Whatever you do— don’t mention sugar daddies

There are times when the Hinge homepage honestly feels like hell on earth. Everyone wants someone who “doesn’t take themselves too seriously”, admits that they’re “overly competitive about everything” and explains (very helpfully) that they’ll fall for you “if you trip me”. We delete, download, delete, download in a never ending circle of confidence boosts and quiet self-loathing. Until, for some, the very modern dating ritual is broken with an outright ban from the app for breaking a rule.

Yup, it turns out it’s easier to get banned from Hinge than it might first appear. If the app’s moderation team decides you’ve breached their terms of use, you get one (usually denied) appeal before you’re turfed off the app eternally. “If you’re honest, kind and respectful to others, you’ll always be welcome. If you choose not to be, you may not last,” the app tells potential members when they sign up. And they’re definitely not joking. 

As part of their terms of use, the app won’t tell you why you’ve been banned to “protect the identities of those who reported the account” and won’t respond to enquiries asking exactly what you’ve done wrong. Obviously, Hinge won’t allow: nudity, harassment, threats of violence, hate speech, spam, promotion, solicitation, prostitution, scamming or impersonation and you have to be over 18.

But, as per Hinge’s rulebook (that we all sign and definitely read when we register for the app) there are some significantly more innocent acts that could see you booted out of the online dating world forever. So, in case you’re concerned your sarcastic sense of humour has your profile hanging on by a thread, here are all of the lesser-known things that could get you banned from Hinge:

Filling your profile with memes 

In the mood to represent yourself disrespectfully? Look elsewhere. Hinge demands you “present yourself respectfully and authentically by adding at least one photo that shows your face”. So, don’t even think about filling your profile with memes. 

“The more intention you put into your Hinge profile, the better your experience will be,” says Hinge. “We understand not everyone loves every photo of themselves, however it’s difficult for others to get to know you if your profile is mostly composed of memes or gibberish prompts. Your matches want to know the real you.” Terrifying.

Being rude 

There are 100 per cent men on Hinge who are far less than courteous. Yet, according to Hinge’s Member’s Principles, not embodying this value could mean you’re never swiping your way through a Saturday night again. Also on the Member’s Principles list is simply the instruction to “put in effort”. Harder than it seems.

Sticking around for entertainment only

Following their “designed to be deleted” motto, Hinge apparently has no time for people who aren’t taking their love lives seriously. But this can come in many forms, tbf. “We respect and honour the many forms a meaningful relationship can take,” says Hinge. “We know there are many different relationship styles, preferences, kinks, and personal needs in a partner.”

Having a weak password 

If you’ve had the same passcode since year seven, Hinge is unimpressed. According to their terms of use, to “maintain a strong password and take reasonable measures to protect the security of your login information,” is critical. You don’t want a hacker chirpsing 23-year-old Harry from Guildford on your behalf, I guess?

Mentioning or even joking about sugar daddies

“I’m looking for…a sugar daddy to get me through the cost of living crisis” is undeniably a funny prompt response in the current laugh-or-you’ll-cry economic climate. But, alas, Hinge doesn’t find that kind of chat funny. You’re not allowed to to use the app for ANY commercial activities, including: sales, competitions, promotions, advertising, solicitation for services or “sugar daddy” or “sugar baby” relationships. So, even mentioning the phrase on your profile puts you at risk of a ban. 

Creating a new account without permission

Hinge’s moderation team aren’t messing around. If they find you’ve created another account on a separate email address and phone number without their “express permission” they’re shutting that down too. Savage.

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