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A look inside the MAFS Australia 2023 cast members’ wholesome new relationships

Claire has got back together with her ex-boyfriend!


It’s fair to assume that going on a show like Married at First Sight Australia you would find the love of your life and be set for the rest of your days. However, that doesn’t always happen for a lot of the participants. Out of this year’s cohorts of brides and grooms, only two couples have remained as a couple, while the others have started new relationships of their own. So, here’s everything you need to know about the MAFS Australia 2023 brides and grooms in new relationships.

Cameron’s girlfriend, Cheyanne

Cameron was matched with Lyndall while on MAFS Australia, however they ended things after weeks of a lack of communication between the pair. After the series ended, Cameron went official with his new girlfriend who he plans to travel the world with at some point.

Cheyanne doesn’t have a public Instagram and only has around 500 followers, suggesting she wants to keep out of the public eye.

In an interview with 9Entertainment, Cameron confirmed he is “really happy” with his new girlfriend and it was good to be with someone where she doesn’t “have to talk about feelings every two seconds”.

Cameron told Daily Mail Australia his new partner “is a keeper”. “Lyndall told me to do better and I tell you what, it was the only bit of advice I took from her,” he said.

When Cameron and his girlfriend went Instagram official, Lyndall claimed she had met his new girlfriend while they were filming for the series. “F**ken hell. I literally met her at homestays. Literally what the f**k!” Lyndall wrote on Facebook.

Evelyn and Duncan

Evelyn and Duncan technically qualify for this as they were in different couples during the series. The couple hard launched their relationship back in May via an honesty box challenge.

The pair recently revealed why they fell in love with each other and honestly, they’re the cutest couple ever. In an interview with Punkee, Duncan explained what he loves about Evelyn the most, and said: “People might think she’s high maintenance… but there’s the other side to Ev who stays in her pyjamas all day. Getting to see both sides, and how funny Evelyn is – they’re the parts I like most about her.”

Evelyn said viewers got to see an “emotionally intelligent and confident side” to Duncan during MAFS Australia, however “he’s a bit of a dork at heart”, which enticed her. “Once we both discovered the inner dorkiness in each other, we were like okay, we like this,” Evelyn explained.

Caitlin’s boyfriend, Kobe

Caitlin was the first MAFS Australia 2023 bride to reveal she was in a new relationship. The former bride was paired with Shannon in the experiment but their relationship quickly broken down after he admitted he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend.

Caitlin opened up about her new relationship with osteopathy student Kobe. “I have a partner!” she said. “It’s very new, so it’s only been a couple of months since we made it sort of like, exclusive and seeing each other.

“He treats me in a way I’ve never been treated before. It’s really nice – it is really different to be with somebody who treats me the way he does.”

An insider told So Dramatic! that Kobe is a 24-year-old professional bowls player and Caitlin had been watching him and play and cheering him on. Kobe is from the Gold Coast and is studying to be an osteopath.

Caitlin hasn’t posted anything of Kobe on her Instagram but Kobe does often share photos of them together on his profile.

Claire is reportedly back with her ex

It has been reported that Claire has got back together with her reality TV ex-boyfriend. Back in March, Claire and her ex-boyfriend were spotted on a date and at his sister-in-law’s house. Claire hasn’t said anything about it so I guess we’ll know more on her terms. Pat Calleja is Claire’s ex and he appeared on My Kitchen Rules in 2019.

Claire has since confirmed she and Pat are back together with a cute Instagram photo, captioning it: “Weekends away with you”.

Harrison’s girlfriend, Gina

Harrison met his new girlfriend Gina a few months ago after his split from Bronte on MAFS Australia. The pair were pictured in public at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in April 2023 and looked as loved up as ever.

During an Instagram Q&A, Harrison was asked if Gina and his son, August, “got along” to which he replied: “Yes Gina makes a huge effort with August and my family.” The pair recently moved in together and seem better than ever!

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