Bromances and pure vibes: Andre reveals what viewers didn’t see on Love Island 2023

He said he is going to ‘try’ and pursue things with Catherine after the show

Love Island’s Andre has been spilling the tea about his time in the villa since being dumped by his fellow Islanders.

During his time in the villa, Andre formed a close bond with Catherine and after a brief time being in separate couples, it seemed things were working out between them. However, when the girls had to choose between him, Zachariah and Sammy – they opted to dump Andre.

Since then, Andre has been sharing with his followers what he got up to in the villa that never made it on to the episodes – here’s everything Andre has had to say about his time on Love Island 2023.

‘Me and Catherine were vibing’

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While Catherine and Andre’s romance was short lived on two occasions, Andre insists they had a good time while in the villa.

Catherine and Andre first tried to explore a connection with one another, however Zachariah then chose to couple up with Catherine and all hopes of them being a couple were weakened. They began to get to know each other later on as Zachariah chose to couple up with Molly.

During an Instagram live, Andre was asked if he missed Catherine to which he responded: ” Of course. I miss everyone to be honest. I’m still going to try and chat to Catherine. We’ll see how it goes. Not only do I miss Catherine, I miss everyone in the villa as well.”

In a later comment, he went on to say his romance with Catherine wasn’t rushed and they were “vibing” together in the villa, something viewers didn’t get to see.

‘Mehdi was my brother’

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In a twist no one saw coming, Andre said Mehdi was “such a vibe” in the villa and isn’t as timid as it comes across in episodes.

“Mehdi was such a vibe. Mehdi was my brother, we had a close bromance in there. Me and Mehdi had an amazing bromance for sure,” Andre said during the Instagram live.

Andre said he kept out of the drama with Molly

When asked about the drama between Molly and the other girls, Andre said he kept out of it for the most part.

He said: “When it came to drama, unless I was in it I didn’t want to have a part in it. I’m not for drama. It’s not really my vibe. I’m not here for drama.”

Molly has found herself to be the most talked about Islander of the series after her decision to pursue a romance with Zachariah. This left both Mitch and Catherine without a partner and stirred up a lot of drama in the villa.

‘[The villa] was amazing’

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In scenes not shown to viewers, Andre revealed he had an “amazing” time in the villa and was always doing something happen. “The things that happened [in the villa], it was just amazing. [I was] always rapping, always singing, dancing and always just vibing,” he said in reponse to a follower’s question.

Andre said it was a ‘real shock’ to be dumped from Love Island 2023

Following his dumping from the villa, alongside Charlotte, Andre said it was a shock but has accepted the other Islander’s decisions.

“It was a real shocker for me. Of course, we know the saying ‘expect the unexpected’ has to be in our heads in the villa, but we get caught up in just living in the moment day-to-day,” Andre explained.

He continued: “When I came to the understanding I was among the vulnerable Islanders it wasn’t the best feeling. Catherine was also among the most vulnerable Islanders and in my mind I was thinking, ‘I definitely don’t want this to be the end of her experience, let alone mine as well’.”

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