A full timeline of Amanda Holden’s rumoured ongoing catty beef with Phillip and Holly

This has been going on since 2018 lol

In recent weeks Amanda Holden has made it clear she isn’t Phillip Schofield’s number one fan – and has reportedly continued to take swipes at Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield in the midst of his downfall.

Amanda Holden hasn’t commented directly on unfolding events however she has made her thoughts known about Phillip Schofield since their famous fallout five years ago, in 2018. Here’s a timeline of their catty beef:

Amanda joins This Morning as a guest presenter in 2014

Whilst Holly went on maternity leave, Amanda Holden joined the This Morning team. She took over from October to January before she went to film Britain’s Got Talent auditions. Then she returned for the final few months.

Holly flew out to do I’m A Celeb in 2018 and Amanda was set to replace her

Holly Willoughby had flown off to Australia to present I’m A Celebrity. Reports claimed Amanda was set to replace her on This Morning but that offer was allegedly withdrawn at the last minute. According to The Sun, Amanda lost out on the chance because of Phillip. Sources claimed she was the frontrunner to take over but was blocked and instead Rochelle Humes came in because she was “easier to manage.”

A former daytime TV executive told The Sun: “Phillip actively campaigned for Rochelle Humes to get the job despite Amanda being more experienced – and having been told privately she’d got the gig.”

A spokesperson from ITV denied the claims in a statement which read: “It’s deeply disappointing and unfair for Phillip to be the target of this sort of malicious gossip. Phillip is a much-respected broadcaster and colleague and this is absolutely not a description of This Morning that we recognise.” Amanda has since been said to have confronted Phillip about being snubbed for the role during an ad break when she appeared on the show to talk about the stillbirth of her son.

Phillip Schofield was apparently “lost for words.”

Amanda says she wouldn’t want to find Phillip Schofield in her house

In 2019, Amanda made a catty joke during Heart Breakfast radio. When asked what she wouldn’t want to find in her house she said: “Spiders, flies and Phillip Schofield.”

Further reports of a feud sparked when The Sun claimed Amanda had made a formal complaint to ITV boss Kevin Lygo about the hiring fiasco.

Phillip also addressed their beef on Twitter. He said: “The end of another really sad weekend. When you try for 35 years to be the easiest, most fun person to work with and you read such hurtful and wildly untrue stories from nameless ‘sources.’ Obviously I’ll take it on the chin, I just hope you know me better.”

Amanda asked Phillip to meet for a coffee in 2019 but got no reply.

Minutes after Phillip steps down she shared a cryptic post

More recently, minutes after Phillip Schofield resigned from his job at ITV, Amanda Holden posted an uncaptioned image of a flexed bicep emoji.

She then revealed who she would love to see taking his place on This Morning – a savage but iconic move.

Amanda was accused of mocking Holly Willoughby

Amanda Holden claimed there wasn’t any bad blood between her and Holly after she was accused of mocking Holly when she addressed the public regarding Phillip Schofield’s scandal.

Amanda asked her social media followers ‘Are you OK?’ dressed in all white, while Holly had done the same on TV the day before. But Amanda dismissed the ‘feud’ in a statement uploaded to Instagram. She said: “Sadly strong and intelligent women have for far too long been pitted against one other when we should all be celebrated in our own right,” Amanda said.

“Women are still expected to say nothing, suffer silently and just get on with it. And we do… mostly. There have been some huge assumptions made this week and everyone has feasted on them.”

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