‘A two-faced b****’: Here’s what celebs have had to say against Holly Willoughby

Kim Woodburn is out for blood

Despite Phillip Schofield being the person to admit to having an affair with a younger employee on This Morning, people have also been digging their claws into Holly Willoughby at any given chance.

ITV celebrities and those alike are ripping into Holly and they’re not holding back. So here’s a rundown of some of the most savage comments made about her. Starting with Kim Woodburn.

Holly Willoughby is ‘not all sweetness and light’

Now Kim Woodburn has been so vocal during all this Holly and Phillip drama. She’s gone out of her way to call Holly a “little bitch” and “terror” on GB News more than once.

Recently on GB News, Kim claimed Holly is a “two-faced” and added: “I’m sorry to repeat myself, Holly Willoughby is not all sweetness and light my love. For years she’s said, ‘Oh I’ll stick by Phil, we love each other.’ The moment she knows that bullets are being fired at Phil, she’s now saying ‘I’ll work without him, I’ll run the show without him.’ What a two-faced bitch.”

Kim then said: “And I’ll say what I said the other evening, she’s aided and abetted Phillip for years. She’s sat there and watched Phillip insult people. He was very unkind to me. I’m a tough nut, but it hurt.”

Katie Hopkins has claimed Holly and Phillip ‘hate each other’s guts’

Katie Hopkins has not held back when it comes to Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby and his scandal. The 48-year-old controversial star has given her opinion, she said: “I’m sure I speak for many people when I say that I’m just sending so much to Holly and Phil at this very, very difficult time because it’s so hard, isn’t it. To pretend to like someone when actually you hate their guts and you’re really just waiting for that moment when you get in the car alone and shut the car doors when you can really kick off and tell them what you really think.”

‘Holly Willoughby has questions to answer’

Former culture secretary Nadine Dorries claimed Holly has “questions to answer.” Speaking to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg, Nadine Dorries said: “The fact that Schofield has made a rather grovelling apology to the Daily Mail in the form of an email…There seems to be this understanding that that’s it now and everything will move on and that’s not the case I’m afraid.”

She continued “What it actually does is open up more questions as to what happened. We know that there were complaints lodged to ITV over a long period of time. What happened to those complaints? I think the editor of the programme, Martin Frizell, has some questions to answer himself. And I’m afraid so does Holly Willoughby. How did that young boy, so young, get a job at ITV? What were the processes involved? What was the safeguarding in place for someone so young at that age? What contact was first made? Who contacted who?”

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