Holly Willoughby’s speech on This Morning deserves a BAFTA Award and so do these memes

Holly’s speech 🤝 Matt Hancock fake crying on GMB

Holly Willoughby returned to This Morning today and delivered a speech about Phillip Schofield and everything that has happened since he quit ITV. Viewers of This Morning have been saying the same thing about Holly’s speech and how dramatic it was.

The memes and reactions to Holly’s speech have been iconic. A few people have compared it to when Matt Hancock turned on the crocodile tears on Good Morning Britain. Here’s a rundown of some of the best memes to come from today’s episode of This Morning and Holly Willoughby’s return.

1. ‘Nah, nah, you haven’t got the nerve’

2. Evil

3. Lmaoooo

4. ‘Just talking shit’

5. You knew this was coming

6. Is that all we get??

7. How y’all doin’?

8. Oop

9. Soooo glad xx

10. Iconic

11. Yikes

12. I fear Darren Grimes thought he was doing something with this one

13. Oh dear

14. The best memes are the ones from This Morning viewers

15. Comedy peaked

16. She really did

17. Thank god!

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