Ranking the cast of I Kissed a Boy by who came out the worst after THAT dinner party

Mother Gareth was an icon as per

I Kissed a Boy aired its explosive dinner party showdown in its most recent episodes, and to put it lightly, everyone had a lot of thoughts. The saga split the masseria, and definitely caused rifts, fractures and ruckus between a group of gays who’d all seemed pretty close knit for the first four episodes. Everyone emerged from the I Kissed a Boy dinner party brawl either showing themselves up in a major way or by handling themselves excellently in emotionally charged scenes – so here’s the cast ranked by who came out looking the worst. According to me, the viewer.

Before I go any further – this is mostly lighthearted, and I appreciate we’re only seeing an edited version of what happened in that villa. I think it’s important to write about I Kissed a Boy the same as I’d have fun ranking any other TV reality show – so don’t send hate to anyone, it’s all entertainment!

10. Ben

I Kissed a Boy dinner party


Watching Ben in the dinner party was a masterclass in maturity, and how to handle yourself in emotionally charged situations. I personally would have probably cried and walked off – I’m useless. Ben was calm, well spoken – dealt with it all like a pro. Admirable.

9. Gareth

I Kissed a Boy dinner party


Mother was mothering. For a brief moment I thought Ben was going to have to deal with all of this on his own, but what a relief when Gareth spoke up and said he was disgusted with what has gone down. It takes balls to do that when you’re not directly involved, and I respect it. Gareth also has a lot of presence in the masseria and feel like all the gays look up to him, so if he’d spoke to me like that and I was Ross and Kailum I’d probs shrivel up and cry. Personally.

8. Jake


What I love about Jake in the dinner party saga is that despite being with Kailum he was openly against what was going on and called it out that he didn’t like it. It’s very easy when you’re with someone to take their side or just say nothing – so sticking to what you think is right and standing up for it is extremely admirable.

7. Dan


Perfectly handled, Dan called it out straight away that this situation was not just on Vitor’s terms it was on Ben’s too and defended Ben for having the right to some time to decide what he wanted to do.

6, 5, 4. Subomi, Ollie and Ceejay


I’ve grouped this lot together, because they don’t really get involved. I think there’s pros and cons to deciding to do that, so I don’t hold it against them. That and the fact they might have said a lot that just didn’t make the final edit. Obviously it was extra difficult for Ceejay who’s currently seeing where things are going with Ross, but I dunno man… If my man acted like that I’d be saying something.

These guys are just neutral though. Slapped right in the middle. Praising Subomi for iconic reaction faces, though – and Ollie’s cinematic crunch of the breadstick.

3. Vitor

I Kissed a Boy dinner party


Whilst Vitor is at the centre of all this, I don’t think he came across the worst in regards to the dinner party specifically. I don’t think to my knowledge he asked for the Ben coup to kick off, and he just sort of sat there having people speak for him.

2. Kailum


I still have absolutely no clue what Kailum’s motivation in all this was? Very strange. Feel like he just became a different person in episodes five and six and it came from nowhere.

1. Ross

I Kissed a Boy dinner party


First of all, I just want to say that I genuinely don’t think this show would have been anywhere near as entertaining without Ross. You need the person there who’s willing to cause chaos when the cast sit for a Housewives franchise-esque dinner party. It was good TV. That being said – I do not agree with one thing he said and feel like it was all completely misguided and I do personally think he was acting out of taking an ego knocking when Ben rejected him back at the start of the season. Potentially harsh, but it wasn’t a good look. Good TV, bad argument.


I Kissed a Boy continues Sunday and Monday at 9pm on BBC Three and iPlayer.

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