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Inside the deeply slay Instagrams of the I Kissed a Boy cast

New lad Dan’s Insta is a bit TOO sexy I fear


I Kissed a Boy has done one thing great from straight off the bat: cast a diverse mix of gay men who you genuinely want to know more about. Watching this show for even 10 minutes makes you want to stalk these lads’ Instagrams – and I’ve got you covered. May I present to you a concise deep dive into the Instagrams of the I Kissed a Boy season one cast, so you can commence your following spree with ease. You’re welcome. Just don’t tell me about any sliding in of any DMs you might get up to.


Big phwoar here I fear. Ben’s Insta is a vibe – he’s 28, from Edinburgh and has lived in London for four years now. His Insta is a lot of London life but as someone who stans Liverpool more than anything seeing Ben at the Liver building was a highlight. The sexiest guy on the show, end of.


The purest soul on the show – I’m obsessed with Essex’s finest. The new Rylan! Bobski’s Insta is full of boujie holidays, he’s so Ibiza trip coded. His full name is actually Robert Budzynski and he and his family moved over to the UK when he was 7. If he goes home on Sunday, we riot at dawn.


Have you ever seen East London personified more succinctly than with Gareth Valentino? No you have not. Amazing name though, and his Instagram is just as vibes as he is on the show. Originally from a small town in Ireland, Gareth’s thriving in LDN as a stylist.


Jake has had such a transformation since the show finished filming – he looks so different after his body transformation journey and his nose ring. Seems like a lovely guy – Swansea’s finest.


Erm, THE FACE! THE FAAAAACE! Joseph is so pretty it hurts, and his Insta is him just absolutely glowing. Serving looks and face, and no matter what dye job he’s got on his hair it somehow slays?


Josh has one of the more laidback Instagrams of the I Kissed a Boy cast, which definitely matches his vibe on the show. Selfies, nights out and a cute dog – that’s the energy.


Brighton Kailum says he’s got an idea for a drag character, and I was scouring the Insta to catch a glimpse of the queen we may come to know but I’m yet to find it. Get on with it diva, we wanna see!


Tongues away girlies, even though we all love a tradie. Brighton Ollie’s Insta is a journey – we go from the tarmac day job to looking like he’s in panto costume with a simple swipe of the thumb. The muzzy is fit though, let’s face it.


Ross has the most followers of the entire cast, with nearly 20k Instagram followers! His Insta is a lot of outfits and thirst traps. I’m not complaining x


Subomi is another one in the cast whose face card is allergic to declining – just STUNNING. His Instagram is full of the vibiest pics imaginable – great fits and the face is always facing.


Alright, I concede. He’s fit. There’s one where he’s putting his trainer in the camera as if he’s doing it in your face and – let’s just say… I’m looking respectfully.


Every fit Ceejay has on on his Insta absolutely slaps and I want his fits in my wardrobe.


Dan Harry works in PR, in case you don’t know! He’s absolutely stunning and his Insta is full of what looks like the best nights out anyone could ever ask for. And a lot of wild holidays and festivals.


Vitor goes by @theflylifeofv on Instagram, and iconic name to say the least. His Insta is filled with him showing off all the naughty energy he’s spent his first episode displaying, of course. The cheekiest of all the I Kissed a Boy Instagrams

I Kissed a Boy continues Sunday and Monday at 9pm on BBC Three and iPlayer.

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