Selling Sunset’s Davina claims the $75 million listing was just a ‘storyline’

But… it’s still for sale on the website

If you can cast you mind back to season three of Selling Sunset, Davina Potraz’s $75 million listing may come to mind.

The property is something only dreams could make up. It has seven bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a home cinema, a wine cellar, a gym and one of the biggest pools in the Beverley Hills area. Oh, and don’t forget the guesthouse.

Despite being told it was too overpriced, Davina Potratz still tried to sell it. But it’s still on The Oppenheim website collecting dust.

However, Davina has since claimed the whole $75 million fiasco was just a storyline for the show.

Davina posted a video of her at the Great Pyramid of Giza on TikTok and the Netflix page commented: “Lucky girl, this is your year to sell that house! (You know the one).”

Davina then responded to the comment and wrote: “Come on now Netflix, you know the house was just a storyline for the show and never really for sale.”

Given the listing is still on The Oppenheim website, it would be fair to take Davina’s comment with a pinch of salt.

In 2020, Davina told Metro the client was open to negotiating the price of the property.

“Adnan is still a client,” she said. “He is a great client and he is very well aware that the listing is overpriced, but I think he is open to negotiating and potentially working together more.”

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