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Fights, clout and nits: Inside the strange TikTok drama of Chelsea Lee Art and Elphaba

I am all-consumingly invested

No saga on TikTok has had me in quite as tight a chokehold as the current, never-ending live streamed world of Chelsea Lee Art and Elphaba Orion Doherty. The two TikTok creators were controversial in their own right individually, and dominated the For You Page gaining followers and climbing the weekly rankings. But since the two decided to collab and Elphaba join Chelsea Lee Art in London, their TikTok profile has rocketed, their FYP domination increased massively and their controversy and drama shot up with it. But what the hell is going on? Is it for clout or friendship? Here’s the entire Chelsea Lee Art and Elphaba TikTok drama explained as best as I can. A ROOTS DARLIN, A ROOTS.

Who actually are these two?

Elphaba Orion Doherty is a 19 year old TikToker who blew up on the app after gaining notoriety for constantly belting out Defying Gravity from Wicked. She’s a trans creator, known in her earlier days on the app for her volatile friendship with Jack, another trans TikTok creator. The two would often duet For Good from Wicked, when they weren’t scrapping. Jack cut Elphaba and their friendship out of his life last year.

Chelsea Lee Art is another TikTok creator known for her live streams, where she’s frequently seen kicking off in public about various reasons and / or bellowing out her iconic catchphrases “ROOTS DARLIN”, “Nostrils” and “Absolutely”. Not much is known about CLA’s fortune but she has a decent amount of cash and lives a boujie London life. She was recently sectioned, and another TikToker called Evil Queen (Real name Chelsey Harwood) came down to get her out.

Chelsea Lee Art and Elphaba creating together: How it started

Elphaba came down to London to stay with Chelsea Lee Art so the two of them could make TikTok content together. It’s unclear if the two are actually pals or if they’re just doing it for the clout. Chelsea has claimed when she’s been pissed off that it all was for clout, but sometimes the two seem to get on reasonably well. Most viewers of the pair are cynical of the friendship and the comment section often is full of the same sentiment: “This will all end in tears.”

“Just to let you know, she doesn’t stink” … Has a line in a video ever made me splutter more? Perhaps not.

What’s the latest?

Chelsea has got Elphaba back in London and they’re making more content together, Chelsea is seen in the video below openly saying she’s using Elphaba for clout and so she can climb up the weekly rankings leaderboard.

Elphaba is back in London with Chelsea, but things haven’t gone smoothly. The two have rowed a few times, Chelsea has spoken about how stressed out she’s got not having her own space and Elphaba and Evil Queen spent last night arguing. Chelsea has shouted at Elphaba in restaurants when Elphaba told her they should leave, the two got kicked out of a karaoke bar, it’s all over the place.

The ‘nits’ and Samsung charger saga

A lot of the TikTok drama over the last few days between Elphaba and Chelsea Lee Art has revolved around Elphaba may or may not having nits and CLA’s Samsung charger going missing – she believes Elphaba took it when Elpha went to stay in a hotel to give Chelsea some space.

On a live Chelsea said “I ended up shouting at my son because I’m stressed out. I’ve tried to help people, I’ve done what I’ve done, I want to go and relax sweetheart. I’m not a f*cking babysitter. Why is my brethren not with me? That’s what I wanna know. I’m fuming. I’m stressed again. F*ck this, darling. Watch. I’m cutting everyone off.

“And my charger has gone, so I know she’s took my charger as well and tried to say it was hers. My Samsung charger has gone f*cking missing, it’s not here anymore, so where is it? I’m not having anyone in my house no more. I’m not a nanny, I’m not a babysitter, I’m stress out. I’ve booked a hotel for myself to relax, to do my TikTok. Why is my friend with her? She’s supposed to be f*cking here for me. See this is how people are. Roots darling, roots darling.

“So I’ve just paid a grand for what? So I’m stressed out, Elpha is 19 sweetheart. She’s quite capable now. I’ve let her in my house for days and days and days to stay. She’s quite capable now to book a hotel and sort these things out. Why’s she with my friend when my friend should be here? They can all f*ck off.”

“19 years old, I was a G. F*ck this bullsh*t. If I was her mother, she’d be nothing like that. I’d be sorting my daughter out, she wouldn’t have nits in her hair. In my bed, on my bedsheets… It’s stressing me out. I’m trying to be helpful and kind, but really I’m just stressed. I need my own space.”

All throughout the video, there are hairbrushes boiling in a pan. I love that even in the fury of the whole saga Chelsea’s got time to bellow a fuming “ROOTS” for good measure.

Elphaba and Evil Queen argue on a live

Last night, Chelsea Lee Art was on a live with Evil Queen whilst Elphaba was in the other room. Evil Queen called Elphaba a ‘lettuce leaf’ and used her dead name and referred to her genitalia, which upset Elphaba and resulted in her leaving Chelsea’s late at night. The saga is still ongoing – check back in for any more updates as it goes on over the coming days. Rest assured it will likely continue to dominate the FYP.


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