MAFS Australia’s Shannon Adams is reportedly expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend

He left the experiment because he was still in love with her


Shannon Adams, who appeared on Married at First Sight Australia alongside Caitlin McConville, is expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend, according to So Dramatic.

Shannon and Caitlin’s relationship quickly turned sour after he admitted he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend, Jamea, who he shared a child with and now they are said to be expecting baby number two.

It was reported by So Dramatic! that Shannon left the show because he found out Jamea was pregnant but she has since denied this, declaring she is four months pregnant.

“Four months pregnant, nothing suss about it. Timeline doesn’t match up to MAFS at all… so please don’t believe the lies some articles are saying,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

via Nine Network Australia

She also revealed she and Shannon were no longer together. “We aren’t together so please any messages regarding him please just message him not me. I don’t want any involvement with it.”

During MAFS Australia, Shannon was seen taking a phone call with his ex-girlfriend Jamea in his and Caitlin’s apartment, admitting he was still in love with her.

“I hate the fact that I say this but I still love her,” he told Caitlin. “I’ve got so much respect for you, but I can’t lie, you’re an absolute saint… I just feel like I’m leading two people on.”

The bombshells didn’t stop there as Shannon admitted to the MAFS Australia relationship experts he had slept with his ex-girlfriend just a week before appearing on the show.

“I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. I think I still might be in love with my ex,” he revealed.

Caitlin has left MAFS Australia and Shannon well and truly in the past and is currently in a new relationship with someone who treats her in a way she has “never been treated before”.

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