Two more couples dramatically got engaged off-screen during Love Is Blind season four

One of the engagements was broken off by text and the couple are now beefing on Insta

It turns out there were two additional, off-screen engagements during Love Is Blind season four. Two couples also had proposals during the pod section of the show, but their love stories didn’t make it into the show’s final edit.

This has happened before, with Netflix cutting engagements which the show doesn’t have time to follow. There were also additional engagements in Love Is Blind seasons one and two.

The cameras only follow five couples on their Love Is Blind journeys, so we have to go behind the scenes to meet the two additional couples who made the commitments during season four – what happened after their engagements?

Jimmy and Wendi

Love Is Blind season four off screen engagements

via Instagram @jpforde13

The first couple who made an off-screen connection is Jimmy and Wendi, and it ended in Jimmy asking Wendi to marry him. The couple weren’t selected to travel to Mexico with the other couples, so headed back home to Seattle to continue their story. Speaking to Netflix, Jimmy said “that’s where it started going back down to earth and everything started to unravel a bit.”

After dating for around three months, the couple went their separate ways. The couple have said they had different views on relationships, and say “stressors of the real world” added to their breakdown of their engagement.

They have however said they have no regrets, and are still friends since the show. Posting about their relationship on Instagram, Jimmy said: “Although it wasn’t shown, Wendi and I got engaged on the show. I gave it my best shot, but our relationship didn’t work out, and that’s okay! Wish Wendi nothing but the best in life, and future relationships. Maybe one day that story will be shown, but I’m okay with that never being the case. Overall it was a powerful experience and I ended up making some pretty awesome friends.”

JP and Ava

JP and Ava also got engaged in the pods this season. Ava entered the pods having been married before, and JP had a six-year relationship break down during the pandemic. JP had connections with both Micah and Chelsea too, but cut those off when he realised Ava was the one he wanted to marry.

Upon meeting after he popped the question, JP said he was “taken aback” by how  “emotional and heavy” the moment felt – and that was when things between the couple began to change. “I saw him at the airport and he was a completely different person,” Ava told Netflix. She said she looked down to see her phone, and “I looked down and he sent me a text basically ending the engagement.” YIKES.

JP told Netflix he wanted to reset expectations because he felt “continuing to get married on this timeline” wasn’t realistic outside of the experiment. Ava said she was “shocked and humiliated” by what happened.

There’s now beef between the couple, with Ava saying she went on the show with the right intentions, but JP wanted “58 seconds and to be on Perfect Match.”


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