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Love Is Blind’s Zack says he has forgiven Irina and admits he made the wrong choice

‘She’s definitely dealing with an amplified backlash from it’

Love Is Blind cast member Zack has said he has forgiven Irina for the everything she did while they were on the show together. In response to a comment asking how he can forgive Irina for saying he looked like a cartoon and calling him an ick behind his back, Zack set the record straight.

Zack responded and said he has “forgiven” Irina for all that happened and says he will choose “grace over retribution” always. He said: “I’ve forgiven her for what happened. She knows what she did. And she’s definitely dealing with an amplified backlash from it. There are two major philosophical frameworks when it comes to justice, retribution versus rehabilitation…

“It requires a level of faith in humanity and love, even for the people who receive grace have a chance to extend that grace to others. And all in all between those two theories, I’ll take grace over retribution any day.”

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While on Love Is Blind, Zack proposed to Irina in the pods but their relationship suffered while on their honeymoon. Once the pre-engagement honeymoon was over, the pair decided to call it a day there and then after failing to establish a physical and strengthen their emotional connection.

Zack also explained how strong his feelings were for Bliss on the show. In another Instagram comment, a viewer asked Zack why he chose Irina over Bliss, and said Bliss shouldn’t be his second choice. Zack admitted he made the wrong choice when it came to choosing Irina and said: “First choice doesn’t mean best choice.”

Zack Irina Love Is Blind

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He continued: “I think if you continue to watch closely you can see who I loved more,” he explained. “Look at how I was when each relationship ended. Do you see how devastated I was when I ended it with Bliss? I laid on the couch with a pillow over my head crying for hours. Maybe the truth is I didn’t have the courage to see if our love could overcome all obstacles. Maybe I thought there was too much in the real world that would get in the way.

“Maybe I thought she was a little too good for me. I wasn’t just thinking about who was best for me. I was thinking about whose family would accept me. And who would actually say, ‘I do’, at the altar. And who would be able to accept me. All of me. I definitely did make the wrong choice. But first choice doesn’t mean best choice.”

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