TikTok thinks he stands on a box when filming, so how tall is Love Is Blind host Nick Lachey?



Right now there’s a theory going around TikTok that questions how tall Love Is Blind host Nick Lachey is. Someone who claims to have filmed for the show is saying Nick stands on a box whilst filming because he’s a bit of a short king – but what actually is the truth?

Full disclosure here, the TikTok feels satire, but people are taking it VERY seriously. They guy in the clip claims he’s just filmed for a season of Love Is Blind, and despite signing an NDA, is going to share one *very* big secret with us: Nick Lachey has to stand on a box whilst filming the show.

“This guy’s like 5ft2,” he claims, pointing at a picture of Love Is Blind host Nick. “I swear, he’s standing on a box, they bring a box for him to stand on. Look at his knees compared to her [Vanessa Lachey’s] knees. They bring out a box. Every time they brought him in they had a little box he’d stand up on, he’s 5ft2, I don’t know if people knew that.”

People are obviously feeling a bit of a kind of way. “I choose to believe this even if it’s satire,” one person said. And yeah, when he points to the whole “look at his knees theory” Nick and Vanessa’s knees are perfectly in line, which a lot of people in the comments have pointed out.

Big questions now, how tall is Nick Lachey?

According to the internet, Nick Lachey is actually 5ft9, which makes him quite averagely tall, and taller than his wife Vanessa, who stands at just over 5ft6. So, it does look as though this was all a joke. Boo.

How tall is Nick Lachey, TikTok box theory from Love Is Blind

via Netflix

Unless there’s some clever camera trickery or Photoshop deal going on here, there are also quite a few wide shots of Vanessa and Nick during Love Is Blind and… no box is present.

However, The Tab has reached out to Netflix to confirm or deny if Nick is in fact standing on a box, and is yet to receive a reply. The silence is deafening. Will we ever have peace?!

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