Divorce, cheating and tears : A dramatic retelling of the messiest Love Is Blind splits ever

The amount of chaos this show has given is almost too much to comprehend

Ah, Love Is Blind. The chaotic Netflix dating experiment which could run for a million seasons, and would still probably come back with shocks and dramas every time. Over the years, the messiest splits Love Is Blind has ever provided have come with huge arguments, cheating scandals and the on-screen weddings ending in a big, fat divorce.

Yes, in some very few cases the experiment does work, and previous cast members are living very happily married lives now. However that hasn’t stopped some of the couples really going through it as a result of how their relationships came about.

Here is a rundown the messiest ever splits there have been with cast members of Love Is Blind – you might want to sit down for this.

Danielle and Nick

Danielle and Nick got married in season two, but unfortunately it ended in them getting a divorce. Their split turned sour, when they both started talking about each other in interviews.

Danielle spoke to E! News about Nick and claimed: “There has been no accountability from his side. I wanted to make sure that it was noted that it takes two, but unfortunately, with every interview, he is putting all of the blame on me and this isn’t new. This was something he did the entire relationship.”

Speaking to People Magazine, Nick replied and said: “It’s hurtful to hear these comments. It’s disappointing that Danielle chooses to make false claims and defamatory comments about me and our relationship. It’s especially hurtful because she knows firsthand how difficult being in the public eye is.

“As I have stated before, I implemented a boundary to not engage in communication with Danielle for my own mental health because I did not feel like our communication was trustworthy or yielding positive outcomes.”

Danielle then called their divorce a “bloodbath” because Nick had been “chatting shit” about her and their fellow cast members. Danielle then claimed Nick had been “silencing” her and “taking extreme measures to take me down” and “control the narrative” surrounding their split. She accused him of making false statements in interviews, and said he was trying to “get attention” in the media.

In a statement to The Tab, Nick said he didn’t know how to defend himself against such claims, and was trying to avoid negativity to protect his well-being.

Iyanna and Jarrette

The messiest splits and divorces there have been on Love Is Blind

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Iyanna and Jarrette also got divorced after season two, and at first nothing more was said. Iyanna then posted an emotional video reflecting on the relationship and enter the building: Shake. Of course controversial cast member Shake wasn’t going to go unnoticed, in something that should be none of his business.

“Cry me a river Iyanna,” he posted on Instagram. “You and your ex had no problem blasting me with the world watching but now that you’re the one under pressure it’s the show’s fault?” He then followed up with another Instagram post calling Iyanna a “snotty brat”.

Iyanna then claimed Jarrette cheated on her, which was partly the reason behind their divorce. “It was literally three days before After the Altar was filming [that I found out],” she said. “He brought her and her friend to our home.”

In a podcast, Jarrette denied cheating. “I’ve apologised time and time again to Iyanna about that,” he said. “That alone was poor decision-making on my end, and I understand that. I take accountability for that; it should have never happened.” But Jarrette said he “did not touch this woman.”

Raven and SK

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Where do we even begin with what happened between Raven and SK? It didn’t work out for them at the weddings, but in the reunion episode they said they were giving things another try. During After the Altar, it was said they’d even got engaged again. Fast forward no time at all, and it’s all come crashing down amid rumours SK had been cheating with multiple women.

Two women spoke out about being in relationships with SK at the same time he was with Raven, and then it was further reported a third woman also made claims against him. The women called him a “serial cheater” and one claimed they had been on holiday together.

But, SK then said he had been “falsely misrepresented” by the claims. “The allegations have been falsely misrepresented with malicious intent and we are actively pursing legal actions against some of the accusers involved,” he said. “I am deeply sorry for the pain this has caused Raven, my family and everyone involved. Raven and I will continue to support each other and wish nothing but love.”

However, in a newer interview he has admitted to some wrong-doing. “There was an incident of me having an inappropriate conversation with this woman sometime in the fall,” he explained. “I believe it was around September [2022], which is completely inappropriate. Didn’t end up happening, but… I feel like I shouldn’t even have had that kind of conversation with someone.”

He said the “cheating” claims were from women he was with before he was serious with Raven. “I was not dating anyone when [Raven and I] decided to go into a committed, exclusive relationship,” he said. “All the previous women that came out… those happened earlier in 2022, when, again, I was still a single guy. Raven and I were still talking, but we were not in a completely committed relationship.”

Natalie and Shayne

The messiest splits and divorces there have been on Love Is Blind

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After Love Is Blind season two saw their wedding not work out, Shayne and Natalie said they tried again to make their relationship work, multiple times.

On Nick Viall’s podcast, Shayne claimed they tried “four times” to make their relationship work, but it ended after an argument. Natalie then posted a statement saying it was actually two times, and they broke up after she found “flirtatious messages between him and other women”.

In After the Altar, it was claimed the messages were sent to co-star Shaina, but Shayne denied he had been sending flirty messages to her. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Natalie said there is footage from After the Altar of her showing the DMs, but it was cut from the show.

Then, to add to the drama, Shayne appeared on Netflix dating show Perfect Match… which Natalie claimed was all happening whilst they were meant to be seeing each other. She said he was casting “obviously behind my back” but Shayne had a very different view of how this casting played out.

He posted screenshots on his Instagram story of messages appearing to be from Natalie, where she was actively encouraging him to take part in the show. “I really want you to enjoy life because this show for you is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” one text to Shayne read.

In a later Instagram post, Shayne referred to “someone” as trying to “destroy my character for personal gain” with the new show coming out. “I have tried to move on numerous times, but this keeps resurfacing,” he said.

Gigi and Damian

The messiest splits and divorces there have been on Love Is Blind

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Season one of Love Is Blind was everything, and the drama with Gigi and Damian changed my life forever. During the show they were the most dramatic couple there, with Gigi savagely asking Damian if he’d ever noticed that she didn’t return the compliment when he told her their sex was the best he’d ever had.

Damian then said no at the altar, and Gigi RAN out the venue, and fell down a hill of mud. She returned, only to start tearing up the wedding dress, which she was still wearing, in front of his face. ART.

For some reason, after the show they thought it would be a good idea to get back together, and then during the After the Altar show, which was meant to be celebrating them getting back together and the anniversaries of the other couples, Damian turned up with Francesca from Too Hot To Handle as his date?!

He and Gigi had an argument, of course, and broke up again.

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