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Hair theory explained: According to the TikTok girlies this hair hack will make you more hot

It’s dumb but it’s also science and you can’t argue with science

Everyone on TikTok is talking about the hair theory but at the same time no one is explaining what it means. All I’m seeing is people sharing clips of their hair in different styles and it’s infuriating! Luckily for you though, I know the science behind this theory from TikTok and it’s actually something every single woman ever already knew.

Here’s everything you need to know about the hair theory dominating TikTok right now.

What is the TikTok hair theory?

A viral video of a TikTok user showing off a variety of hairstyles and discussing the theory has got the girlies in a chokehold. The theory suggests the idea that the way your hair is styled can transform the way you look. Yes you can say you already knew this but equally there is one particular style that brings out your hotness.

Basically, the hair theory is a theory that argues people perceive you differently based on your hairstyles. This can be them treating you differently or talking to you differently. One example of this is waitresses getting more tips if they wear pig tails – it’s gross but it’s the best example I have.

Is the TikTok hair theory real?

I mean it’s no secret that doing your hair in certain ways can make you look different but also there is literally no science behind this. A theory is defined as a way of thinking that helps explain an idea and respectfully, there isn’t a theory explaining what makes us more hot – we just are!!

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