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RIP John Pork: The human pig meme on TikTok who always calls people and might be dead

Shame on all of you who didn’t answer

Everyone on TikTok is currently obsessed with the John Pork is calling meme, but now everyone is speculating about his death.

In case you’ve missed it, John Pork is calling is a meme that has taken over TikTok in recent months and it shows users getting a call from a suspiciously human looking pig, John Pork. People are literally questioning if he’s real. So here’s everything we know about John Pork including if.

Who is John Pork and is he real?

Respectfully, he is an animated pig with very distinctive human qualities – so no.

John Pork is a computer-generated pig who first began posting on Instagram back in 2018 on his account @john.pork but he didn’t start posting on TikTok until very recently. John Pork is calling is the meme that has taken over TikTok after a number of accounts started posting videos which looked as if an iPhone was receiving a call from Mr Pork.

Is John Pork is calling actually dead?

So as pointed out earlier, John Pork isn’t real. However by the looks of his social media, it would appear his creator has had enough of him.

The latest development in the John Pork meme is seeing users mourn his death despite the fact the creator hasn’t mentioned any sort of update on John. The original joke about John dying is that no one was picking up when John Pork was calling and now he’s dead – it’s actually quite savage to be honest.

The videos have several different audio clips attached and set to sad background music. Some people are claiming he was shot and then others suggesting something bad happened after no one answered his calls.

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