Rosie’s said she and Casey split because he ghosted her after Love Island

‘I felt like he wanted to spend more time with the boys’

Love Island 2023 star Rosie Seabrook has opened up about what went down when she and Casey left the villa – and it sounds a bit awkward.

After a public vote, Casey and Rosie left Love Island 2023 together, and in their exit interviews said they were looking forward to going on some dates and introducing their friends and family to one another. However, just days later, Casey revealed they were “just friends” in an Instagram post – on the day they were meant to be going on their first date. Savage.

Now, in a YouTube video, Rosie had spilled exactly what went down between the two of them after the villa. She sat down to answer some questions sent in by her Instagram followers, and clearly a lot were centred around Casey.

“I’m gonna touch on what happened,” she began in the video. “First of all we were never a couple, yes obviously we were coupled up together, but it was very very early days so we were never actually together. So, it wasn’t like feelings were really that invested, it wasn’t that deep.”

Love Island 2023 star Rosie talks about split from Casey

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She said they “both felt mutually about the situation” when they said they’d remain just friends. But, she then went on to say she had always questioned his feelings towards her, and when they were together in lockdown after being dumped, they hardly spoke.

“Inside the villa, I questioned if it was one-sided,” she said. “I did feel like a lot of the time it was me pulling Casey for a chat and I felt like he wanted to spend more time with the boys. That was something we addressed in the villa.

“We left it at that, and I thought we’d see what it’s like outside the villa. We spent a week together in South Africa after we left the villa and things were quite different then – I mean, we didn’t actually spend that much time together. But, we had just both got our phones back, so I kind of made an excuse for it.”

She then said things when they came back to the UK followed the same path, and leading up to them announcing they weren’t dating anymore, Casey had ignored her texts.

Rosie continued: “Then coming back to the UK, I mean, we barely spoke. We were both with friends and family and that’s fine, but I think for me, I did reach out and I didn’t hear anything back. I felt like there was no effort made. I think the doubts I had in the villa became very apparent when we left Love Island, and I feel like it just confirmed what I was thinking.”


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