‘I feel guilty for Claudia’: Casey and Rosie spill after leaving the Love Island 2023 villa

Casey said he’s looking forward to being *apart* from Rosie, ‘to see if I do really, really miss her’

Last night saw Casey and Rosie dumped from the Love Island 2023 villa. After a public vote for the couples, the pair were sent packing.

Just last week, Claudia and Keanan were also dumped. Claudia had been coupled up with Casey, and Keanan entered with Rosie, and there had been loads of drama between Casey and Claudia over how his head had been turned…again.

So what do they have to say about everything that’s happened? And now Love Island 2023 is over for them, what’s next for Casey and Rosie?

Casey and Rosie dumped from Love Island 2023

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What do Casey and Rosie have planned for after Love Island 2023?

Just before they left the villa, Casey and Rosie declared they were happy and settled with each other, in an emotional chat. In their exit interview as they were dumped, they both said they’re looking forward to life in the outside world, together.

“I can’t wait to introduce her [Rosie] to my family and all my friends,” Casey said. “I think that’s number one on my priority list. I need approval from my mum! I’m just super excited to see where things go on the outside. I can’t wait to do some activities, go on dates, and spend some quality time with each other. It’ll be nice also to be apart to see if I do really, really miss her.”

Rosie added: “Casey and I have both said that we’re so excited to meet each other’s friends and families, we’re excited to do cute date nights and things you’d normally do. We’ve built such a strong connection in the villa, so I’m excited to see what happens when we’re back home.”

So, what does Casey actually think about the Claudia situation?

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It was awkward for all involved, but Casey has said at the time he genuinely was very happy with Claudia, and wishes there is no bad blood there now. He described the whole situation as “horrible” but says he “never misled” Claudia with his feelings towards her.

“When Rosie came in, there was that spark that I maybe didn’t have with Claudia,” he said. “I just wanted to explore whether the personality matched up to my initial attraction. I had to give it two or three days to make that decision. So for me, I had to be selfish. I went with who I could see a future with and for me that was Rosie. I hated to see Claudia upset as I really did care for the girl. But I came into this wanting to find someone and I feel like I have found that within Rosie.”

When asked if he wants to meet up with Claudia now, he said he would love to chat things out in person. “I hate the thought of there being bad blood, it’s not what I’m about,” he said. “The fact she left and I wasn’t able to clear the air and really say sorry for making her have a go at me like that, it’s not nice.

“She let everything out to me, which is fair enough as I made her feel shit. I know it’s a difficult situation now I’m with Rosie, but I think she’s such an amazing girl. She’s so class, she’s such a good laugh. I really do think we’ll get along on the outside.”

Rosie says she felt guilty for Claudia

Rosie has said the Claudia situation was awkward for her too, and she felt guilty being in the middle of it all. “Once Casey made his decision I felt relieved and it was nice that my feelings were reciprocated,” she said. “But I also felt guilt for Claudia. I got on with her really well and on the outside I definitely am a girls’ girl. I considered her feelings as well as mine.”

Casey and Rosie dumped from Love Island 2023

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‘We had a couple of disagreements, but I really do like Ron’

Since everything, Casey said Ron is a “top boy” and a “legend”, and wished him all the best with Lana. “We had a couple of disagreements, but I really do like Ron,” he said. “On the outside, he’ll definitely be a friend of mine.”

Rosie added she and Ron have “moved past” anything that happened between them in the villa, and have cleared the air.

Who do Casey and Rosie think will go on and win Love Island 2023?

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Casey said it’s a tough decision, but overall he’s backing Tom and Samie to win. Rosie is also backing them, and said: “They’ve grown as a couple over the past couple of weeks and you can really see the way they are together is genuine. His poem and the song he dedicated to her, I think they’re just really cute together.”

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