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Brand deals and millionaires: Predicting who’s going to thrive outside of the Love Island villa

You just know Olivia is going to hustle her way to a huge fortune


Almost all the way through the season, this year’s Winter Love Island contestants have been referencing “life on the outside” like they were about to get out of prison. And, as their time in the villa has finally come to an end, everyone’s already started guessing who’ll bag what brand deal with their new found freedom post villa.

So, in case you’ve been wondering who’s this year’s Molly-Mae and who’s going to fade into obscurity, it’s time to predict all of the (still relevant) cast members’ possible career paths based on what we’ve seen so far. This is where the true influencer grafting begins.


If you thought this woman was letting her attempts at fame let up after the Love Island villa, you’d be intensely mistaken. Olivia hustles harder than Alan Sugar. I’m seeing millionaire status. Presenting gigs. TV cameos. High pony hair extension ranges. The limit does not exist.

Credit: Instagram (@livhawkinss)

Credit: Instagram (@livhawkinss)


Already boujee as hell before she even went on Love Island, Claudia is defs expanding her fashion boutique into an empire and getting herself on Raya to date some big A-list names after Casey fumbled the bag hard. Maybe a collab with a tanner like Bondi Sands and a false lashes range too?

Credit: Instagram (@claudiafogarty)


PLT brand deal. No questions asked. Oh and a cheaper knock off production of her famous designer necklace a la Gemma Owen.

Credit: Instagram (@samieelishi)


The villa’s resident makeup artist, I’m seeing Lana going big time with a beauty brand. Maybe a partnership with Boots or Feel Unique to start off with and then venturing out with a line of her own. Tbh, would definitely buy.


Another extremely smart hustler, Tanya was already tagging brands in her Instagram posts long before she went on Love Island. Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Luxe to Kill⁠— they’ve all been targeted. So, I’m seeing a multi-pronged fast fashion domination from Tanya after the show.

Credit: Instagram (@talkswithtt_)


A personal trainer and F45 instructor, there’s no way Jessie’s not bringing out some kind of leggings and cycle shorts range within the next year. She also tags a lot of Princess Polly on her gram, so maybe a swim wear collection for them if she’s feeling productive.

Credit: Instagram (@jessiereneewynter)


Trained as a social worker with two degrees, Sanam could be this year’s Love Islander that returns to the meaningful job they love rather than delve fully into the world of influencing. Will still dabble with a few #spon posts, though.

Credit: Instagram (@sanamiee)


Famously, you can’t go back to being a teacher after being on Love Island so Kai will have to wave that career good bye. Not certain why, but feel like he’ll be a Gym Shark ambassador. PE kit vibes.

Credit: Instagram (@kaifagan_)


Will disappear from public consciousness in the same time frame as Chuggs from season seven. Will probably go back to recruitment with a side of vlogging.

Credit: Instagram (@caseyogorman)


A lot of holding Olivia’s hand and dare I say cat walk fashion appearances?? His eyes are just REALLY piercing.

Credit: Instagram (@maxwells_16)


Undeniably the fittest man in the villa, Tom is 100 per cent scoring this season’s BoohooMAN mega deal before going back to professional football with some added clout behind him. Will also do a lot of smiling and waving at Sammie’s PLT launch events, too.

Credit: Instagram (@tomclare__)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Ron’s releasing his own line of pearl necklaces quicker than you can say festival season.

Credit: Instagram (@ronhall__)


He’s already been ripped apart for his skinny jeans, so it doesn’t seem like Shaq is our brand collab king of this season. But he’s definitely been outspoken so podcast appearances are definitely coming soon. And probably a lot of TikTok content.

Credit: Instagram (@shaq24s)


If this man isn’t snapped up as a Blue Peter host the moment he steps off the plane at Heathrow, I’ll never have faith in TV casting directors again.

Credit: Instagram (@farmer_will_)

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