Casey has just confirmed he and Rosie aren’t together anymore and are just friends

Today was meant to be their first date but instead he dropped a breakup post ffs

Casey from winter Love Island 2023 has just confirmed he and Rosie are no longer together and have decided to just be friends.

In an Instagram Q&A someone asked Casey how things are going with Rosie and he said: “Rosie and I have spoken…she’s such a great girl. Life outside the villa is just very different and we will remain friends moving forward.”

It’s a push to say the couple have broken up and fans aren’t exactly shook over Casey’s announcement given the fact he literally admitted he didn’t want to see Rosie straight after Love Island ended.

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During the reunion episode, Maya Jama went over to Casey and Rosie and asked how things were going. Rosie asked Casey to speak and he said: “It’s all a little bit overwhelming when you come back. We’ve got a date on Tuesday, so just looking forward to that.” Imagine today being your first date and instead you drop the breakup statement instead? The bar is truly in hell.

Maya joked and said she thought he was about to say the couple had called things off to which Casey said: “No, no, no. We wanted to spend some quality time with friends and family. There’s a lot of pressure that people see us as a couple and in a relationship, and we’re just not at that stage yet.”

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