Here are the exact gross podcast comments Martin made about Tanya that vexed Shaq

Martin admitted he ‘crossed a line’ with what he said

The Love Island 2023 reunion was last night, and one of the most heated moments came when Shaq called out Martin for making disgusting comments about Tanya on a podcast.

During the Love Island episode, Martin admitted he crossed a line with his comments, which he made whilst speaking on the Reality with Will Njobvu podcast.

Speaking to Martin on the Love Island reunion sofa, Shaq said: “For me, I want to know why you came out of the show and started talking on podcasts saying you’d sleep with Tanya in ways you can’t imagine.” Shaq went on to say “if that’s the way you choose to speak about women, that’s disgusting.”

Martin said: “That’s fair enough, but if you watch the whole podcast you know that’s not what happened. What I would say is… I crossed a line there. I shouldn’t have said that, I apologise.”

Martin was asked about Tanya podcast comments during Love Island 2023 reunion

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But, what exactly did he say in the context of the rest of the podcast? So, apparently these were all comments Martin made to Shaq, in the villa, on movie night. Martin said it was these comments that ended up in Shaq getting upset on the night, and crying with Tom.

Martin alleges he told Shaq: “On the outside world I would be f*cking your girl in ways you can’t imagine.” During the podcast, Martin said he made “four points” to Shaq on that night in the villa, another being that Tanya said she didn’t love Shaq.

Here’s the clip:

Finishing the discussing on the reunion show, Shaq said: “I just want to clarify that you didn’t say that and the reason why I was upset on movie night was because I was upset about the whole environment and I was missing home.”

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