These are the biggest post winter Love Island 2023 villa transformations

The glamour lifestyle is being embraced


Right now, the Love Island 2023 cast members all in the midst of transformations from just like the rest of us, to the post villa glitz and glamour of reality TV star-come influencer lifestyles.

As they embark on their new lives, they’ve definitely had a few run-ins with glam squads, got ready for high-profile events and seen a drastic change in how their days play out, compared to their jobs and lifestyles before the show.

Here is a roundup of the Love Island 2023 contestants who have had the biggest post villa transformations.

Lana Jenkins

via ITV / Instagram @lanajenkinss

Lana left the villa and said, glam. Her most recent posts on Instagram have been incredible. Sharing her look from the reunion, Ron commented: “Not ashamed to say I’m punching so much,” so at least he knows what’s up.

Tanya Manhenga

post Love Island 2023 transformations

via ITV / Instagram @talkswithtt_

Tanya did NOT come to mess around – since the villa she’s channeling her inner celeb. She was announced as the first Islander this year to bag and brand deal, and posting for the first time with the hair company, she’s shared a whole new look. She’s wearing a purple wig, with matching purple makeup – it’s a whole vibe.

Tom Clare

via ITV / eBay

Footballer Tom has just been announced as a pre-loved fashion ambassador with eBay! A big move for him, which I definitely wasn’t expecting. Sharing pictures announcing the news, he’s looking high-model. Love it for him.

Olivia Hawkins

via ITV / Instagram @livhawkinss

Olivia got dumped from Love Island and turned on the glamour. Every day is a getting your hair and makeup done by a full glam-squad for her, it seems.

Samie Elishi

Post winter Love Island 2023 transformations from the cast

via ITV / Instagram @samieelishie

Samie served looks every single day in the villa, so it’s no surprise the life she’s been flung into suits her so well. She looks gorgeous.

Sanam Harrinanan

post Love Island 2023 transformations

via ITV / Instagram @sanamiee

This right here is the glow of the winner of Love Island and queen of our hearts. Sanam is incredible and I’d be happy to sit back and watch her global domination.

Claudia Fogarty

via ITV / Instagram @claudiafogarty

Look, Claudia is a glam nepo baby, who had a wild life before the show. So her life now is probably much the same, just times a hundred. She’s living.

Zara Lackenby-Brown

Post winter Love Island 2023 transformations from the cast

via ITV / Instagram @itszaradeniz

Zara left the villa, got with Jordan, and then broke things off with Jordan. She’s also been beefing Olivia and appearing on podcasts all over the place, all whilst looking a million dollars. You have to respect the graft.

Tanyel Revan

via ITV / Instagram @tanyelrevan

It looks as though OG Islander Tanyel hasn’t had a night off since being kicked out of the villa. She’s literally on a night out every day. She’s been hitting London clubs, and posting videos on Instagram of herself non-stop. She was high-glam in the villa, and she’s high-glam out of it. It truly is a lifestyle.

Will Young

via ITV / Instagram @farmer_will_

I’m sorry, but farmer Will left Love Island and got suited and BOOTED. He is looking fresh as hell. His old Instagram posts are all him mucking in on the farm, and now it’s all designer quarter zips and trainers.

Ellie Spencer

Post winter Love Island 2023 transformations from the cast

via ITV / Instagram @elliespennie

Ellie looks like herself in the villa, put through some sort of glamour filter. She looks amazing.

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