Iconic MAFS Australia cast now

This is what the most iconic cast members of MAFS Australia are all up to now

Jessika Power lives in Manchester now!

Married at First Sight Australia is now on its tenth season and it continues to match people together in the hopes of a happy marriage. Over the years, the show has created some big names in reality TV and even paired up a fair few successful couples along the way. With a new group of people hoping to find love, here is an update on what the most iconic Married at First Sight Australia cast members are all up to now.

Coco Stedman

Iconic MAFS Australia cast now

via Instagram @peaceloveandcoco

Coco Stedman was on season eight of Married at First Sight Australia and although her relationship with Cameron didn’t last, she seems to be living her best life. In 2021, she revealed she had a new boyfriend and she has since switched up her look and is proving blondes have more fun.

She is still a fitness instructor and posts training videos on her Instagram page and gives her follows tips for when working out at the gym.

Martha Kalifatidis

Iconic MAFS Australia cast now

via Instagram @marthaa__k

Martha Kalifatidis is one of the few Married at First Sight Australia stars who is still with their partner after the show. Martha was on season six of the show with Michael Brunelli and they are now engaged and recently had their first child together.

Martha has her own podcast with friend Rojin Torabi and they talk about all things to do with makeup and skincare. Alongside that, Martha is a full-time influencer and is always showing snapshots into her life, including stunning selfies and for the past nine months she shared updates on her pregnancy.

Ines Basic

Iconic MAFS Australia cast now

via Instagram @innnnnnes

Ines Basic was also on season six of Married at First Sight Australia and after being embroiled in a cheating scandal, no one can forget her time on the show. After her season ended, Ines fell into influencer life and now works with her major beauty brands.

Since the show, Ines has opened up about getting a number of cosmetic surgery treatments. She said: “I get Botox in my masseter muscles, that’s  why my face now looks a lot different.” Her procedures have cost a total of £25,000.

Elizabeth Sobinoff

Iconic MAFS Australia cast now

via Instagram @lizalizzieelizabeth

Elizabeth Sobinoff looks worlds apart from how she did on Married at First Sight Australia. She had straight blonde hair and a completely different makeup look. Elizabeth is no longer with her season six or seven beau and no longer works as a jewelry story manager.

Elizabeth is now an influencer and model in Sydney and she recently got married to her boyfriend, Alexander Vega. In January 2023, the couple tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony.

Jessika Power

via Instagram @jessika_power

Jessika Power is another breakout star from Married at First Sight Australia season six. Jessika is currently in a relationship with podcast host Connor Thompson and they now live in Manchester together.

After the show, Jessika began working on her social media full-time and now she has multiple brand deals and does sponsored content on her Instagram. Jessika also starred on Celebs Go Dating and Big Brother Australia.

Jessika also revealed she spent a whopping £30,000 on cosmetic work. She has had veneers, fillers in her face, Botox in her forehead and jaw and a boob job. “I can’t stop and think I’m addicted,” she told The Sun. “Watching the show back my lips were horrendous and I can’t believe I went on TV looking like that.”

Troy Delmege

via Instagram @troydelmege

Troy was on season five of Married at First Sight Australia and he made everyone howl with laughter over his getting ready routine before his wedding. Troy hasn’t posted an awful lot on his social media over the past few years but shares the occasional selfie and travel pic.

Jules Robinson

via Instagram @julesrobinson82

Jules Robinson is one of the biggest success stories from Married at First Sight Australia and she is still married to Cam Merchant and has one child with him. Jules co-hosts the podcast The Juggling Act and recently signed a book deal with publishers Simon & Schuster.

Jules has also recently signed with a new talent agency and has even teased she’ll be on UK TV screens soon. After Married at First Sight Australia, Jules set up her own shapewear company, Figur.

Ella Ding

via Instagram @ellamayding

Season nine Married at First Sight Australia alum Ella Ding has continued with reality TV as she joined the cast of Made in Chelsea in 2022. In a statement, Ella said: “I’m thrilled to be joining Made in Chelsea – which I know is a much-loved show here in the UK. Whilst I can’t tell you why I’m here, I can assure you I won’t be marrying a stranger this time!”

In December 2022, Ella called the MiC cast “actors” and spilled some serious tea on her brief fling with Miles Nazaire. Speaking on a podcast, she said: “It was a very short stint, but it was a very intense stint. And, yeah, it’s done. I will never be going on that show again or a show like that; that sort of constructed reality, not like real reality. I won’t do something like that again because it’s really weird.”

Cam Merchant

via Instagram @cammerchant

Cam Merchant is the other half of Jules and Cam, one of the most loved up and successful couples from Married at First Sight Australia. Cam and Jules got married for real in November 2019 and in 2020 Jules gave birth to a baby boy.

Cam was a professional cricket player and now describes himself as an advocate for mental health awareness and he also has his own podcast.

His website reads: “His mission is to inspire, educate and activate hope for those who may be struggling with a crisis, challenge or those managing a mental health condition – and in the wake of Covi-19 his message has never been more important.”

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