A rundown of every time there’s been a huge editing error during Love Island 2023

There have been SO many?!

During Love Island 2023, it feels as though there have been more huge editing errors than ever. Yes, we understand the show is edited and clipped together to make the hour-long episode we see, but some of the continuity issues there have been this year have proven what we’re seeing really isn’t a reflection of how events played out in real time.

From Islanders disappearing and appearing in shots, to makeup magically coming off – there have been plenty of moments this season that have left us sat at home feeling a little confused. Here’s a full rundown of all the editing errors there have been during Love Island 2023.

Zara’s eyelashes went from on, to off, and on again


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There was a moment right near the start of the 2023 series where Zara’s eyelashes went from on, to off and then on again. During a game, Zara appeared to have full lashes on. Then, suddenly, they’d magically disappeared! This didn’t at all fit with the timeline, as her lashes then appeared back on, and then as though they were falling off, and then off again.

Tanya also had a moment when her eyelashes and makeup just… fell off

Love Island 2023 editing errors

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Tanya also had a moment this season where one second her makeup was on, the next it wasn’t. She had been chatting, and kissing, with Shaq when she had that big explosive row with Martin straight after. During the scenes with Shaq before and then Martin, Tanya was wearing makeup and had false eyelashes on.

Then, she walked away with Shaq to sit on the daybeds, and her eyelashes and makeup were off?! When did this happen? HOW did this happen?

Tanya changed outfits during the evening

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Another editing error was going on pretty much simultaneously to Tanya’s eyelashes coming off. All night that night she had been walking around the villa in a gorgy black dress, but skip forward to when the girls were getting ready for bed, and Tanya was getting changed out of a denim jumpsuit. Sure!

Tanya just disappeared in a conversation

Love Island 2023 editing errors

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When the Islanders were told they were going to be taking part in a challenge called “Ladiators”, they got a text to get them hyped for it. As the message came through, Shaq, Tanya and Jordan were chatting on the day beds.

But then, the camera cut to Shaq in the Beach Hut reacting to the challenge announcement, and when the camera came back to the day bed, Tanya had disappeared.

Ellie went from sitting down, to getting up, to sitting down again

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There was another weird moment at the same time, also with Islanders getting the “Ladiators” challenge text. We also saw Will, Jessie and Ellie in one of the villa’s other seating areas, when the text was read out. As the message was read, Jessie and Ellie were sat together on the sofa. Note: Sat down.

Love Island 2023 editing errors

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After hearing about the challenge, Ellie quickly stood up to go and get ready, but flashback, and suddenly she’s sat back down on the bed relaxing. She was literally just up and ready to go?

There was a spelling error on the wall in Casa Amor

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Not so much a filming editing error, but someone should have noticed this. A word plastered across the walls of Casa Amor was spelt wrong, and the word there means something very different.

In the bedroom of Casa Amor, there was a sign that said “impluse” instead of the desired “impulse.”  Someone on Reddit kindly pointed out “pluse” means something a LOT different to the intended “pulse.” According to Urban Dictionary, pluse means to “refer to an individual as to say that their pussy (vagina) is loose.” Not this being all over the girls’ bedroom walls. Yiiiiiiiiikes.

Shaq was ironing Tanya’s dress, and then suddenly she was wearing it in Casa Amor

Love Island 2023 editing errors

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Tanya and Shaq really have been in the centre of loads of editing errors during Love Island 2023! When the girls got the big text to say they were heading off to Casa Amor, they snook out the main villa. Tanya had previously asked Shaq to iron the green dress she had wanted to wear that night in the main villa.

However, when they arrived at Casa and got ready for the night, Tanya was then seen wearing the dress she had left with Shaq – and this was before the boys had the text to say they needed to pack some stuff for the girls. How did they dress get there?

Shaq went from undressed, to dressed, to undressed again

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At the same time the dress thing was happening, Shaq was shown as being in his shorts, to dressed for the evening, to back in his shorts again. He was also back in his shorts when they found out the girls had disappeared, way way after we’d seen him all dressed and ready for the night.

For this to have happened, the scenes must have been edited together out of order, so we saw the boys reacting to things in a different way to what actually happened as the girls left.

The girls left the villa at night, then arrived to Casa Amor in the day, and then got ready for the night again

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I honestly don’t even know what is going on here. The girls found out it was time to head to Casa Amor in the evening, but then when they arrived in the new villa it was the day? Then, they were suddenly in Casa Amor getting ready for the evening again?! What is the timeline here?

Love Island 2023 editing errors

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All of these Casa editing errors must prove the big shock of the second villa isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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