Miley Endless Summer Vacation ranked

A release day ranking of every song on Miley Cyrus’ new album Endless Summer Vacation

Manifesting a music video for Handstand

The day hath come: Miley Cyrus has just released her eighth studio album Endless Summer Vacation. This era for Miley Cyrus, an artist who at this point is one of pop’s most beloved, with fans across all generations and an unshakeable honesty and likability, is a rebirth. It’s an era with a new record label, post-divorce and a regenerated sound that’s seen its lead single Flowers top charts and break streaming records globally. In short, it’s what pop dreams are made of. I’ve sat with the album in full four times now, and it’s time to make my day one declaration: Here’s every song on Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation ranked.

PSA: I’m ignoring the demo version of Flowers at the end.

12. Muddy Feet (featuring Sia)

You know that TikTok trend about how not everything can be an album cover? Well I present you this: Not everything can be a song title. Muddy Feet? I’ve got a rancid taste in my mouth before it even begins, and that’s before I have to contend with the fact that Miley did one of the most unchic things an artist can do in 2023: Put Sia on a track.

Also, all that aside – it’s just bad.

11. Rose Coloured Lenses

Kind of pains me to rank the song that drops the excellent album title within its lyrics, but this one and its shout along American rocky chorus just doesn’t really take me there.

10. Island

On my first listen I was loving this, but as the track goes on it just gets that little bit more annoying. It kind of sounds like she was going for the sound of Lorde’s Solar Power record but it just misses the mark and feels like it absolutely drags on.

9. Jaded

Jaded’s the first song we hear after Flowers – obviously the big hit we’ve known and loved since the start of the year. Because of that, it kicks off all the new that comes with the record, and it never fully lands for me. I have warmed to it more than I liked it on first listen but whilst she sings the hell out of the chorus it’s just completely underwritten for me. Second verse has some lovely guitar, though.

8. Wonder Woman

A slow and delicate ballad that showcases the softer side of Miley Cyrus perfectly – I can really see this one becoming a fan favourite from Endless Summer Vacation and I can see myself getting it ranked higher over the coming months. Listen to that immaculate growl! Just not my fave Miley ballad moment, feels a bit like a demo.

7. Wildcard

Like a breath of fresh air after the shite of Muddy Feet, Wildcard is one of Endless Summer Vacation’s instant and immediate bops – a thumping guitar beat and a big vocal prechorus. A wildcard is exactly how I’d describe my assumption about what Miley could be like in her personal life – it feels anthemic for the kind of person I anticipate her to be. A bit Plastic Hearts but in the best way.

6. Violet Chemistry

Brb, listening to Lavender Haze by Taylor Swift and Violet Chemistry by Miley Cyrus back to back for the foreseeable!

5. Thousand Miles (with Brandi Carlile)

I stupidly assumed this would be the most boring song on the album – what I found instead is a gorgeous country ballad between Miley and Brandi that has this nice swirling underplayed synth that elevates the gorgeous melodies – along with the left field plucks of a Latin guitar? Beautiful stuff.

4. River

HERE WE GOOOO. Second single of the era and with a gorgeous music video to boot, River is main pop girl shit that only Miley can do. The chorus is a bit underwritten but everything else is glorious – stirring verses that take me back to She Is Coming with a thumping 80s synth. But let’s get into that final minute – she was possessed by the spirit of Kylie Minogue circa Fever and gave one of the best final thirds in a song of her career. This is going to be everywhere all spring and summer.

3. Flowers

One of the biggest and most record breaking songs to debut in the streaming era literally EVER, Flowers has made Miley Cyrus the biggest artist in the world. And it’s done so whilst remaining relaxed, restrained and uncomplicated. Flowers is in no hurry to convince you how great it is, it gets under your skin with every listen until it feels like you’ve known it for 30 years, not three months. That’s how you pen a melody.

2. Handstand

The most interesting and unique song on Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation, and one I really toyed with getting it ranked in the top spot. It feels like a long lost track from albums Madonna was making at the turn of the millennium – like Miley roped in Mirwais to produce at the last minute. Its spoken word is rich, the production is outstanding and it’s like a shining centrepiece of the album that begs for repeat listens. Adoring it.

1. You

I am overjoyed to see that You is sitting in the heart of Endless Summer Vacation – we previously heard it on Miley Cyrus’ live album she dropped last year and it’s a song I’ve ranked amongst my fave Miley tracks since then. It has me feeling the same way I feel when I listen to woozy ballads like Rihanna’s Love On The Brain; like it’s being sang after a bottle of whiskey and like she’s saying things she’s never say when she’s sober. It bursts with personality and soul. A masterpiece.

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