Debunking rumours claiming Miley Cyrus is being sued by Liam Hemsworth over Flowers

Fans have leaked ‘official’ documents

Miley Cyrus dropped Flowers, a breakup track and music video, earlier this year on her ex-husband’s birthday. Whether she did that for no purpose or if it was a total coincidence, fans will never let it go. Recently rumours surfaced claiming Liam Hemsworth was suing Miley Cyrus over it, so here they are debunked.

A Miley Cyrus fan account on Twitter has claimed Liam Hemsworth is suing Miley for defamation over the release of her single, Flowers. Here’s a rundown of where those rumours came from and whether they’re even true.

Where did this rumour come from?

So originally it was posted by @CyrusOnStats on Twitter. The tweet reached over seven million people and claimed: “According to leaked documents, Liam Hemsworth is officially suing Miley Cyrus for defaming him after the success of the single Flowers. He was about to lose his contract with Netflix for the series The Witcher.”

However after minimal digging we can say this is false. The “leaked documents” referenced by the account can be found here and the template used to make the documents can also be found here.

Why are fans claiming Liam Hemsworth is suing Miley Cyrus over Flowers?

According to Reddit, fans of Miley Cyrus are hoping to keep Flowers in the top spot to ensure it beats Ariana and The Weeknd’s new remix.

A lot of people are calling out other fans for making up rumours and causing more damage than harm to Miley. Recently Miley was mixed up in rumoured drama with a Hollywood actress and Liam Hemsworth.

So this specific rumour dates back to 2015 – peak Hunger Games era. The famous actress confirmed she kissed Liam Hemsworth off-screen. During an American talk show hosted by Andy Cohen, she admitted to kissing Liam off camera. Andy Cohen said to her: “It has recently been rumoured that you and Liam Hemsworth had some PDA at the Waverly Inn. Have you two ever kissed when the cameras weren’t rolling?” She then replied: “Liam and I grew up together. Liam’s real hot. What would you have done? Yeah, I have.”

It looks like another desperate attempt from fans to keep Flowers in the top spot.

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