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On a scale from Miley Cyrus to Shakira, how gloriously petty are you?

I can buy myself flowers x

Pop has officially entered its petty era: Miley Cyrus released her new self love single Flowers on her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, causing a frenzy of rumours. Shakira recently dropped the biggest diss track of the year about her ex-husband Gerard Pique after he let his mistress live in their house and eat all her favourite jam (really). Lana del Rey placed the one and only billboard for her new album in her ex boyfriend’s home town, letting her fans know it was “personal”. You literally can’t move for glorious revenge.

But pettiness doesn’t just thrive in the showbiz world. And if you suspect you might also have a cunning, semi-evil, streak, take this quiz to find out just how petty you really are on a scale from Miley Cyrus to Shakira:

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