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Love Island 2023’s biggest villains, ranked from slightly chaotic to straight up toxic

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I’d like to preface this by saying no Love Island contestant in the history of the show is innocent. And, if they were, the series would be blander than mashed potato. So, with the goal of good TV in mind, every series has a villain. Some of them are loveable agents of chaos (like Ekin-Su or Toby Aromolaran), others are simply problematic (Jake Cornish, Luca Bish).

So, in case you’re wondering where we currently stand with unethical behaviour in the Love Island 2023 villa, here’s a handy ranking of the top five most villainous contestants so far, scored on a scale from slightly chaotic to straight up toxic:

5. Tom

how old is tanya love island

Just when we thought Tom’s terrace era was over, the most popular man from Macclesfield led Casa Amor bombshell Lydia in the footsteps of Zara, Ellie and Samie to snog her while nobody was watching. From shouting at Zara and chucking his jacket on the floor in anger to begging Samie for forgiveness with a seriously questionable poem, there’s been a seriously squiggly redemption arc for Tom this series. It seems like he’s in the clear now. But just wait for Movie Night.

4. Olivia

how old is tanya love island

First she was in a fight with Zara, then she started picking at Tanyel, now she won’t let sleeping dogs lie with Kai. This woman could accuse a park bench of having a problem with her. It’s not nice to be called fake but the attempts at drama where there is none is boring and malicious. Sorry x

3. Ron

how old is tanya love island

Lana, Zara, Samie, there was nobody that wasn’t Ron’s type. And, to explore all his alternatives, he let Lana feel like an option, discarded by the wayside until he was ready to return to the person that made him feel safe. Allegedly, he’s changed. But being that selfish has a way of sticking with you. His behaviour “on the outside” could be even more questionable.

2. Haris

tanya love island age

Haris claimed he’d never had a girlfriend before the show when he had, was filmed fighting in the street before the villa, and got into a fight with Shaq over quite literally nothing within the first week of the series. “If someone says something he’s more than prepared to have a fight,” his friend told The Sun at the time. “That’s the type of guy he is. What you see is what you get.” Lovely!

1. Tanya

how old is tanya love island

Tanya is bringing unfathomable chaos to this series of Love Island. Sleeping with, saying she loves and sacking off Shaq all in a matter of weeks was impressive. Only for her to then lead Martin on, sneak off to snog Shaq in the middle of the night, before declaring her supposed love for him in front of everyone— leaving Martin humiliated and forlorn. She simply does not give a shit. And, as much as we support women’s right and women’s wrongs, there was definitely a kinder way around this.

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