Every single time Luca Bish waved an obnoxiously bright red flag on Love Island 2022

Too many temper tantrums to count


Love Island fans have been calling out Luca Bish a lot recently for his behaviour and the countless red flags he’s waved throughout his time in the villa.

Last night we saw Luca get verrrryy pressed over three couples in the villa voting him and Gemma as one of the least compatible couples. Gemma, his 19-year-old girlfriend, had to chat to him after the situation and cool him down. His temper tantrums are too much at this point.

Here’s a history of all of Luca’s red flags from his time in the villa.

Luca became immediately obsessed with Gemma

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After two really dry conversations with Gemma, Luca started banging on about how he’s never felt so strongly for someone before. I’m not saying he doesn’t have feelings for her but it’s weird how thick and fast he came on. Very early on he was whispering into her ear how amazing she is, he slept outside in Casa Amor and then scrutinised her for not doing the same.

His attitude after the movie challenge was gross

Time and time again after seeing Gemma simply talk to Billy he would say stupid things like: “Bring me a bird in”, “I’m going to explode”, “I’m livid”, “I’m fuming” and “I wouldn’t want to be with a bird that people didn’t fancy”.


Seriously, Luca saying he “can’t be with someone like that” when Gemma nicely pied Billy off is gross. A walking, talking red flag for SURE.

He came across as annoyed him and Gemma aren’t exclusive

In a recent episode, Davide and Ekin-Su agreed to be exclusive after he prepared a tiramisu for her. Everyone was cheering and clapping for them but Luca seemed pretty pissed off. Ekin-Su told Luca he and Gemma were basically married before he ignored her handshake. He then told Gemma: “I’m glad Ekin has told us we’re basically exclusive, it’s given me clarity, do you know what I mean?”

This evil, evil glance into the camera

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The way he ganged up on Tasha with Dami

The public has had a turning point when it comes to how we perceive Tasha. This came after Dami and Luca’s constant digs at her – they were too much to watch. Luca’s constant jokes of “Tasha who?” were uncomfortable to watch and their treatment of her was unacceptable.

Fans think he started like Gemma the same day Ikenna worked out who her dad was

Love Island’s Ikenna claims the boys in the villa know who Gemma’s dad is. Ikenna says they’ve known since the early days in the villa. It’s a rumour now on Twitter that Luca’s stuck to Gemma like glue because he’s aware who her dad is. Recently he’s been known to have relationships with influencers Saffron Barker and Sophie Floyd.

Whenever he says ‘I don’t care’, he obviously cares

Just be honest with your feelings!! Whenever Luca says he doesn’t care about something this is code for he cares more than any other person in the whole entire world.

His fish flops are bring a whole new level of red flag

And the fact he calls them fish flops.

‘I expect you to behave’

Is Gemma his dog or a human being he’s dating? Could someone let him know because he seems to think he can complete control over her.

After leading the chat back to the fact they don’t have a label, Luca laid out his rules and said he has an expectation of Gemma and that’s for her to behave as though they are a couple. Potentially the biggest red flag so far, right? She has been so loyal throughout and the only time she’s given another man a crumb of attention has been in a challenge when she’s had to.

Luca straight up told her off for “doing the most” when in reality all she did was the same thing as every other girl.

His punching comment was stupid

Luca’s ego was so bruised when Paige said he was punching with Gemma. His immediate response was “No I’m fucking not” and then turned it on Paige saying how she was punching with Adam – very mature, not childish whatsoever!!

Last night Luca’s reaction to being voted for three times was weird

On Sunday night, Luca and Gemma found out they had been voted for three times as one of the least compatible couples. Luca was so unimpressed despite being saved by the public and Adam and Paige going home.

Whilst Adam was seen packing his suitcase, Dami told Luca he and Gemma had voted for them as the least compatible. Luca responded: “Yeah, I worked it out”. Davide even received four votes but reassured the boys he’s fine with them – so why was Luca so pissed???

Following on from their vote counts being released, Luca said: “Fucking all I know is how good me and Gemma are, but then three of you voted for me.” Why does he say “me” and not “us” considering couples are voting for couples and not individual islanders.

Once Adam and Paige left, Dami attempted to explain his and Indiyah’s decision to Luca and Gemma. However Luca literally wouldn’t hear any of it and just argued back. Gemma even had to calm him down by saying they were only trying to make a point. Luca’s tantrum was so unnecessary.

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