Matty Healy house

Inside Matty Healy’s surprisingly beige £1.2 million London home

It’s where he has all his deep and depressing thoughts x


There are many mysterious and confusing things about Matty Healy going on lately. Is he actually waving Nazi salutes on stage? Should he be kissing fans at gigs? But, principally, right now, I’m puzzled by his house. Yup, that’s right. Interiors.

Designed by Takero Shimazaki Architects, the £1,250,000 three bedroom house has arched doorways, glass flooring, a balcony, a hidden facade, a free standing bath and brass fittings. It’s so lavish and neutral, Kim Kardashian would move in. Let’s take a closer look:

The hyper minimal design

When you look at Matty Healy, a man who’s built his career standing on the shoulders of Indie sleaze, claiming to only like “cheap things” and extremely heavy smoking, it’s almost mind boggling to learn that his million pound home is all clean lines and neutrals.

According to the architects, Matty’s house has “an immediate sense of almost monastic calm”. But, fundamentally, it looks cold.  Imagine walking on the floor with no socks on. And where does the TV go?

He’s got antique French sinks, aged brass light fittings, a master bedroom with crafted arched windows looking out over a pebbled courtyard. This man is a princess in his castle turret. It all feels a bit more influencer chic than the grimy vibe we were expecting.

There’s an animal skin rug in the lounge, a white minimalist bathroom and kitchen, four garden doors all leading to the same place, and grey concrete slabs instead of bed frames. Make it make sense.

The deep and meaningful concept

As with, seemingly, everything Matty Healy does, there’s double meaning to the concrete cave he’s chosen to live in. The house is an ode to the Japanese philosophy wabi-sabi, which is described by the designers as “the beauty of imperfection”.

Matty is (content with loneliness) basically trying to forget he’s wedged in the middle of London. Takero says the design’s goal is to create a “refuge within the city which would have a tangible calm atmosphere”. So, although 1975 shows and the thoughts inside Matty’s mind might be chaos, his home is not. “It is something that stands ‘against’ the city in gaining its freedom”. Ok.

Instead, the house is emptier than a modern art gallery with barely even a drop of paint on any of the inside walls. Minimalist and brutal, there are a few questions left unanswered: where does he keep his hoover? His coats? His ashtrays? Does he live here at all?

Featured image via TikTok @thekilnedit and YouTube.

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