Happy Valley ending theory

There’s a theory the Happy Valley ending has been staring right at us on the poster

I’m shaking

Guys, I know you’ve probably only just come down from the heart-racing, forehead sweating excitement of last night’s Happy Valley as Yorkshire reeled from the court-escaping escapade of Tommy Lee Royce and the Cawood dynasty braced themselves for violent impact, but I’ve got a theory about the upcoming final ever episode of Happy Valley that is about to blow your head off, and potentially reveal how the ending is going to go down.


Journalist David Chipakupaku tweeted out the following theory, that is honestly a bit scary in how accurate it could end up being. “Has the ending been staring us in the face all along? This is the artwork for season three, which was released more than a month ago. You can see the road bike Tommy uses circled in red. [Tommy Lee Royce escaped from court on a bike in the episode before last.]

“And then, in blue, a massive fire…”

The circled fire is what everyone on line believes is to be the hinted at ending of Happy Valley season three, and then the show overall. But what could be burning? To me, that looks like it could be Nevison Gallagher’s huge mansion house, or perhaps it’s Catherine’s terrace. If I were a betting man, I’d be saying Tommy Lee Royce goes for arson after Darius refused to get him a gun last night.

I’m shaking for Sunday so we can find out ASAP!

If you want to see how true this theory is, the finale episode and ending to Happy Valley season three airs on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One and iPlayer.

All images courtesy of BBC.

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