Just 25 of the downright thirstiest memes about the guys in Ginny and Georgia season two

They’re the main plot of this show, sorry

You can try and deny it all you like, but a huge pull of why we came back for Ginny and Georgia season two was the gorgeous guys in it – and the memes we’ve been sharing about them prove it. The likes of Zion, Marcus, Paul and Joe have no right.

Did you watch Ginny and Georgia for the plot? You know, the plot. Like, genuinely, I love them all and I don’t know what to do about it. Each episode I change my mind as to whether I ship Georgia with Zion, Paul or Joe more and that is purely down to the fact they are all wonderful. And don’t even get me started on Marcus Baker. He owns my heart, alright?

There have been loads of memes about season two of Ginny and Georgia, but most of those are dominated by us drooling over the guys. So, here’s a rundown of the very best. No need to thank me!

1. I’m watching 👀

2. End of!

3. I’m blushing x

4. Best part!

5. He’s never not a wow

6. THIS is what we want!

The best memes about the guys in Ginny and Georgia season two on Netflix

7. Adore him x

8. Loooool

9. HOW am I meant to pick who I ship more?

10. All three of them in a scene I nearly combusted

11. That is all!

12. THIS

13. I need this so bad

14. I see it

15. Sure x

16. A lil shoutout for young Zion!

17. I have to admit, I do love Paul

18. EVER


20. Stop hahahahahahaha

21. Crying x

22. I’m so TORN and I HATE it

23. So real

24. I see!

25. And to end, a lil line I never thought we see someone say

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