Ok so who is Mary and what is her significance in Ginny and Georgia season two?

‘We’re all such a happy family – you, me, Austin, Paul and Mary’

Season two of Ginny and Georgia has been released on Netflix, and as per, the show contains loads of drama and twists and turns. There’s one part of the new season which has got people questioning what’s going on, and that’s a scene where in conversation with her mother Georgia, Ginny mentions someone called Mary.

Mary is a name we’ve heard before, but you probably don’t remember when or why. If Georgia’s reaction when her name is said in the show is anything to go by, it’s going to have a huge impact on things to come. If you’re a bit lost, here’s a reminder of who Mary is, and why she is significant.

Moment where Mary is mentioned in Ginny and Georgia season two on Netflix

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So, who is Mary in Ginny and Georgia?

In episode three of season two, there’s a moment where Ginny returns home having dyed her hair and says she’s been out smoking weed. When Georgia says “that’s my dream” for what her daughter is out doing, Ginny replies “are you sure you want Paul here for this?” and motions towards the mayor Paul, Georgia’s fiancé.

“Paul’s marrying me, he’s here for all of it,” Georgia responds. Ginny then says: “You sure about that? All of it?” Georgia then tells Ginny to go to her room, and Ginny says “we’re all such a happy family”, listing herself, Georgia, Paul, Austin and Mary. At hearing the name “Mary”, Georgia’s face drops. Paul asks who Mary is, and Georgia begins to cry before storming out. So who is she?

Moment where Mary is mentioned in Ginny and Georgia season two on Netflix

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We learned who Mary is in season one, but that was forever ago so you’ll be forgiven for needing your memory jogged. Mary is actually Georgia’s real birth name. Back in season one, the private investigator discovered Georgia had changed her name from Mary Atkins to Georgia, when she was much younger, in an attempt to escape her dark past.

We previously saw that when Georgia was going by the name of Mary she ended up in prison, and changed her identity when she was released. During season two of Ginny and Georgia, we’ve seen loads more flashbacks of a young Georgia, telling us more about what her troubled life has involved.

When Ginny mentions Mary’s name, Paul has no idea Georgia has changed her name, or anything about her past crimes or troubles in life.

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