A quiz to see if you are more like Ginny or Georgia from the Netflix series

Are you more Ginny or Georgia? Take this quiz to find out

I want to be Georgia, but know I am Ginny


Season two of our fav drama series Ginny and Georgia is finally here. The series focuses on the mother and daughter duo, who at some points look as if they are two peas in a pod and besties, and at other points are polar opposites and hate each other. It’s probably not too far from the truth with most mother and daughter relationships – minus the bits with all the crime, obviously. So you might be wondering if you are more like Ginny or Georgia in the series – in which case this is the quiz for you.

Some of us are natural born Georgias. She’s charismatic, strong and will do quite literally anything to protect those closest to her. She’s not afraid to put herself on the line and she’s pretty fearless in general, seemingly breezing through life and everything it has to throw at her. But some of us are more like Ginny. Ginny is much more of a heart on her sleeve character, who is outspoken yet reserved, and your typical woke Gen-Z. But you have to hand it to her, her pop culture knowledge is second to none, even though her life choices might not be as up to scratch.

But you can only truly be one or the other, so in this quiz you will find out if you are more spiritually aligned to Ginny or Georgia from the Netflix series.

Take this quiz to find out if you truly are more like Ginny or Georgia:

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