Paul Breach TikTok banned

Oh my god! Paul Breach has his account banned on TikTok – here’s what we know

The end of a very cursed era

The green, green grass and the blue, blue sky are just that little bit greener and bluer this afternoon, because Paul Breach has had his account banned on TikTok. His @beautybeyondthe_eye account, which had 890,000 followers, is now showing up as banned when you go on it on TikTok.

Paul Breach is best known for his viral Euros song about Jack Grealish, and an endless stream of videos of him lip syncing to the George Ezra track Green Green Grass, and recently because another audio went viral after a TikTok creator who goes by Bargains By Karen recorded a video saying “Yeah, I’m friends with Paul Breach” that many TikTokkers ended up parodying.

As of the afternoon on Friday 6th Jan, Paul’s account now shows this message.

Paul Breach has spoken about the banning on his Instagram.

In a video posted on his story, Paul Breach addresses his TikTok being banned, saying: “At the moment my account is gone off TikTok. If it stays permanently gone, it stays permanently gone. I’ll go back to a normal life eventually. I’ve got enough money to do what I want at the moment. So, I wonder what people’s content will be now? Soon your FYP and everything else will be back to normal and people’s accounts will be back to pathetic views and pathetic likes.

“So, if it comes back, hi. If it doesn’t come back, hi. I’m gonna go see the world. See what happens. Hey!”

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