Kaleidoscope fans are convinced this minor character is the gunman at the end of the series

It all makes sense now!

One episode in Netflix’s Kaleidoscope that had our jaws firmly on the floor was Pink. At the end of the Pink episode, which took place six months after the heist, Leo is followed into a tunnel and his fate is sealed, but some people completely missed what happened. Kaleidoscope fans are convinced they know who killed Leo Pap, and this is who they think it is:

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

While a lot of the Kaleidoscope episodes are confusing and full of action, there was nothing more wild than the Pink episode. Fans find out that Bob is alive, Roger Salas is prison and Leo’s health is deteriorating. Bob plans to get revenge on the rest of his crew after they left him for dead and he goes to visit Roger in prison who wants him to kill Leo.

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Leo’s Parkinson’s disease worsens after the heist and after Ava and her old nanny die, Leo escapes back to New York. Leo FaceTimes Hannah who shows him her granddaughter, who she named Lily, after her mother. At the end of the episode, the last scene shows Ray walking into a tunnel, followed by a stranger. The guy takes out a gun and a gunshot is heard quickly before the screen fades to pink.

This has led to a lot of fans theorising who killed Leo, with a lot of them thinking it had something to do with Roger and his son. There is one detail in particular that confirms the theory that Roger’s son killed Leo and it’s all down to a piece of clothing.

At the beginning of the episode, we become aware that Roger Salas wants Leo dead after he framed him for murder and theft. When Bob doesn’t kill Leo, Roger obviously still wants his revenge. The man who shoots Leo from behind is wearing a colourful kaleidoscopic t-shirt, the very same t-shirt that Roger’s son wear in the White episode.

No one knows if Leo is dead or alive at the end of Kaleidoscope, but Giancarlo Esposito had his own hopes for his character. Speaking with TechRadar, Giancarlo said: “I want Ray to walk through that tunnel and see Hannah again. I want him to have that final hug. Parkinson’s is a devastating, uncontrollable disease, but you can fight it and Ray has that fight in him again. As he walks, you don’t know if he makes it but, at this point of his journey, he doesn’t want any more loss. He just really wants to live.”

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