Kaleidoscope Netflix ending explained

Whilst you pick your jaw up from the floor, here’s the ending of Kaleidoscope explained

What happened to Leo? I need answers NOW

If you saved the White episode of Kaleidoscope on Netflix until last, you are probably still just as confused as you were when the end credits started rolling. Regardless of the order you watched it in, the finale episode was incredibly confusing, especially given that most of the crew are dead. To gain some closure and before you move onto similar heist shows and movies, here is the ending of Kaleidoscope on Netflix explained.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Bob Goodwin is killed by the FBI

Bob Goodwin is lured onto a beach in South Carolina, with the hopes of reuniting with Judy and killing Stan, but is instead ambushed by Abbasi and the FBI. Bob tries to put up a fight with the FBI agents but he gets shot and killed and bleeds out on the beach.

Judy flees from everyone and starts a new life for herself

In the same episode as Bob’s death, Judy grows increasingly bored of Stan and how he wants their life to go. When Bob is killed, Judy finds the money that he got from Roger inside his car and she takes the money and runs away to start her new life.

Kaleidoscope Netflix ending explained

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In the saddest turn of events, RJ is killed

RJ Acosta wasn’t a man of many words and was the most loveable character in the Kaleidoscope series. Judy blindsides RJ and kills him after he shoots Bob in the leg after Bob tried to coerce Judy into stealing the bonds with him. Poor RJ.

The crew manage to steal $7 billion in bearer bonds but there’s a catch

As everyone begins routing for Leo and his crew, because let’s be honest, Abbasi was really annoying – the crew manage to break in without being caught and are able to steal the seven billion dollar bearer bonds. Leo and the crew manage to flood the underground safe area and Leo uses a mask that mimics Roger Salas’ facial features to break into the vault. Genius! The crew manage to steal all of the bonds, but there is a major twist that nobody sees coming.

Kaleidoscope Netflix ending explained

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Hannah intercepts the heist, making sure no one in the crew gets the money

In a twist that some may have pegged onto depending on the order they watched the series in. As Leo begins fighting with Carlos, his daughter Hannah saves him and reveals that she swapped the real bonds and plans on distributing them back to The Triplets. No one in the crew gets the money, which if you watched Pink and Red before White, you would realise. Instead of the billions, the crew receive a few thousand dollars so no one grows suspicious of her.

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Leo is shot and killed by Roger Salas’ son

Leo’s fate is sealed in the Pink episode of Kaleidoscope. The episode takes place six months after the day of the heist and Leo is living with physical disabilities due to his Parkinson’s disease. He speaks with Hannah on FaceTime and finally gets the closure he needs as he sees his granddaughter for the first time.

Kaleidoscope Netflix ending explained

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Leo appears to be shot and killed by a man wearing a kaleidoscopic shirt in the final scene of the Pink episode. If you go back and rewatch the scene and pay extra attention, the shooter is Roger Salas’ son. Roger eventually got his revenge, even though he will spend years in prison due to Leo putting a stolen piece of jewelry into his safe for the FBI to find.

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