Meet the reps heading up the brand new series of Kavos Weekender

One of them is a footballer for Hashtag United, naturally

Guys, Kavos Weekender is finally here and the new season brings a bunch of new reps to lead the show. It’s been ages since we had a Weekender series, and it’s kicking off the new year how we should: By watching people living their best lives on tragic party holidays. I can’t wait.

A teaser for the first episode shares with the changed location there’s an all-new hotel for the guests and reps to be living it up in, with some familiar faces returning to the cast, alongside some newbies. Of course, there are rep and guest romances, as well as some rep and rep situations unfolding too. New rep Lucy sets her sights on fellow rep Joel, but she’s quickly distracted by one of the guests.

The new reps in the cast of Kavos Weekender 2023

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So, let’s meet and get to know all the new reps heading to Kavos Weekender in 2023.

David Potts

Age: 29

via Instagram @davidpottsx

You don’t need to be told who David Potts is. He’s back as El Jefe, to run the ship for us. David is 29, and has been appearing on Ibiza Weekender since 2015 and was made Head Rep in 2016. “No one else is going to be able to do it like I do it,” he said. “I’m fun, outgoing, a bit sassy… I’m ready for a good party.”

Lucy Appleton

Age: 25

The new reps in the cast of Kavos Weekender 2023

via Instagram @lucyappleton21

You might recognise Lucy, as she’s a big name on TikTok. She made it big doing blind reacts to songs and with dancing videos. She briefly took some time out to head over to Dubai to pursue a career in social media, but then said she was approached to be a rep on Kavos Weekender. Lucy is originally from Yorkshire.

“I did seasons in Malia, so I’m super excited to be a rep in Kavos,” she said ahead of joining the show. “I’m a TikToker and influencer. I’m really into fashion, I do funny comedy sketches, a lot of girly content. I’m a proper party girl.”

Tash Kiran

Age: 24

via Instagram @tashweekender

You definitely recognise Tash too, because she’s been on the show for a while now. She’s been promoted to deputy head rep after joining Ibiza Weekender in 2019. She’s from Manchester, and currently has nearly 80k Instagram followers.

Jaegia Magro

The new reps in the cast of Kavos Weekender 2023

via Instagram @jaegia

Jaegia, who is from Cardiff, is another new face for Kavos Weekender 2023. She’s clearly trying to head into the influencer career, with a polished Instagram and links to all her social media accounts. She has a YouTube channel, but the only video she has posted shares what cosmetic surgery she has had done. She said she’s had her boobs done and her eyebrows tattooed.

Ahead of joining the show, Jaegia described herself as “quite eccentric, quite bouncy, a ball of energy, but at the same time, you never know what to expect from me.”

Ethan Aveiro

Age: 23

via Instagram @ethanweekender

Guys, it’s happening again – new rep Ethan is a footballer for Hashtag United. Do we have another Toby from Love Island on our hands? Ethan is a model, and has over 20k followers on Instagram. He’s 23, from Essex and also works as an insurance broker. He’s mates with Casa Amor Billy from Love Island 2022, btw.

Joel Frim

Age: 25

The new reps in the cast of Kavos Weekender 2023

via Instagram @joelweekender

Rounding off the new Kavos Weekender 2023 reps is Joel, who is 25-years-old and from Brighton. He’s an online personal trainer, and described himself as a “charismatic” and “very funny”. He said: “I’m quite a bit of a leader, which is a good thing. I can definitely bring good energy as well, to a big group of people. And just get people having fun and get people enjoying their time.”

Kavos Weekender starts on January 3rd. For all the latest reality TV gossip, news and memes – follow The Holy Church of Love Island on Facebook

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