Here’s what happened to Dean Vaughn and why people think he’s one of Dahmer’s victims

In the Netflix series we see him move into Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment block and then go missing

Netflix show Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story covers from start to finish what happened in the case of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, and the awful things he did to his victims. However one case is mentioned briefly in the Jeffrey Dahmer series but we don’t see what actually happened – and that’s with Dean Vaughn.

In episode seven of the show, which is highly focused on Glenda Cleveland who was Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbour, we are introduced to Dean Vaughn. He moved into the apartment block Jeffrey Dahmer lived in, and chatted to Glenda about what the people in the building were like. She told him to be careful of some of the people there, and then we saw Dean meet Jeffrey Dahmer. Soon after that, it is said Dean Vaughn went missing. Glenda told police the last time she saw Dean was when he was chatting to Dahmer.

Dean Vaughn with Jeffrey Dahmer before he went missing in Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix

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So, what did happen to Dean Vaughn and what was his connection to Jeffrey Dahmer?

Dean Vaughn went missing and was later found dead in 1991. According to the Milwaukee Cold Case website, he was just 28 when he was found strangled in his apartment, which was in the same block as Dahmer’s. As per the report, at least two of Dean’s neighbours saw an “unknown subject” with him just before he died.

Seeing as he went missing straight after talking to Jeffrey Dahmer, many people think Dean Vaughn was one of Dahmer’s victims. Dean also fits the general profile of a lot of Dahmer’s victims – being Black and young – and his death took place in Dahmer’s killing spree. After being arrested, Dahmer admitted to killing 17 young men and boys – but Vaughn was not among these people. Jeffrey has denied any involvement in this death and the case remains unsolved.

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