Quiz: You loved Normal People, but how well do you *actually* remember it?

No, just remembering Connell’s chain doesn’t count

So you’ve just waited months for Conversations with Friends to come out on iPlayer, only to binge it and decide it just doesn’t quite live up to Normal People? Sally Rooney’s other series had us in an absolute chokehold back in lockdown one and tbh we’re all still emotionally recovering from it.

But do you really remember Marianne and Connell in all their painfully uncommunicative glory? Do you know your Waldrons from your Sheridans? Or were you too mesmerised by Connell’s chain to take in the plot?

How well do you remember Normal People, really? Take this quiz to see how well you were paying attention, and prove you weren’t just in a lockdown-induced haze of feeling bored and horny.

Take this quiz now to find out how well you really remember Normal People:

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