How to handle a guy with a small dick

It’s a blessing and a curse

The first two questions your mates ask after you’ve slept with a guy is “was it good?” and “was it big?”. People put a lot of value in big dicks, to such an extent that some people are completely turned off if a guy doesn’t have a big dick. But small penises exist and you might even find yourself falling for a guy who ends up having a tiny dick, and it’s important to know how to handle a guy with a small dick.

If we need to be prepared for sleeping with a guy with a massive penis, we should also know how to work a smaller package, so here’s everything you need to know about how to make a small-dick shag a great one.

How to handle a guy with a small dick:

Firstly, don’t comment on how small it is

This is the perfect way to completely kill the mood. If you’ve noticed he’s got a below-average dick length, then he’s probably been hyper-aware of it since puberty when it just never grew. Everyone’s got their insecurities during sex and this is heightened even more when you’re a guy and it’s your penis, so don’t be rude because no one can help the size of their dick.

Where they lack in penis size, they make up for during foreplay

This, of course, isn’t a guarantee but the chances are if they have a small dick, they’ll be prepared for the assumption that they’re not good in bed and so will have their foreplay technique down. Equally, they can’t just rely on their big dick doing the job, so they’re likely to have some great moves and positions during sex – not much gear but many ideas.

How to handle a guy with a small dick

This is your chance to give the best blowjob of your life

Don’t bother with your thumb-in-fist technique because it’s probably too small to make you gag – but don’t see that as a turn off, instead, get ready to rock their world. Enjoy this moment, with his tiny dick you can finally give head without making strange retching noises and getting saliva all over your face. You can finish him off and come up looking as fresh as before.

Rethink your technique when it comes to handjobs

Blowjobs may be easier but handjobs can be tricky here. It’s easy to feel a bit lost because there’s not much to work with. Don’t squeeze too hard, take it slowly and if it’s still not working for you just go back to giving him head.

Drunk sex is a lot easier

Alcohol and sex are a difficult combo because alcohol dehydrates you and then it’s much harder for women to stay wet. This is when lube is super useful, unfortunately, it’s sometimes hard to be that organised but, no fear, this is unlikely to be a issue if your man is small. You’re also less likely to tear or have difficulty getting it in – you may not feel much but hey! At least it won’t hurt.

How to handle a guy with a small dick

Some of the best sex positions when having sex with boys with small dicks

The sex positions you chose to do will also make a big difference and can make your partner’s tiny penis feel like a pleasurable medium-sized penis. You’re aiming for the positions that go deeper, eg. doggy style, plank/laying down doggy, missionary with legs over your head, spooning and pile driver.

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