Why won’t the guy I’m sleeping with come inside me? It really turns me off

I want to make him feel good!!!

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The guy I’m sleeping with won’t come inside me. It really annoys me, because it turns me on when a guy finishes in me, as I feel like I made him feel that good. I don’t want to make things worse by asking him outright, but equally I want to know if there’s more I could be doing. Help!!!

Firstly, you're going to have to talk to him. This situation can't move forward unless there is clear communication about worries and doubts. Secondly, you need to remember that sex is about all parties doing what they feel comfortable with. If he's not comfortable with finishing inside of you, that's completely fair enough!

You also shouldn't take someone coming inside of you as the only reassurance that you're doing something right. Be confident in your abilities! Just because he's not climaxing inside of you, it doesn't mean things are going wrong. Maybe he's had very different experiences in the past that make him pull out every time. Everyone is different in bed.

If he is not coming at all, you need to talk to each other to find out what turns him on. Maybe he's nervous or maybe he's not really in the headspace. Whatever it is, you won't find out until you ask him! Good luck!

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