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Take this very accurate quiz to find out if you should pick Alex or Eyal in tonight’s recoupling

Head or heart? That’s the question

Poor old Megan faces the decision of a lifetime this evening on Love Island: fit Eyal, or sensitive and kind Doctor Alex? She has to decide between choosing a guy who's her usual type (fit, but probably a dickhead) or venturing out into the unkown world of dating medical proffessionals. And us, the British public are fretting along with her.

If Megan chooses Eyal she's surely up for some (more) hot tongue action, but is worried that he'll disappear off with a new girl the minute she walks through the villa doors. If she chooses Alex she of course runs the risk of them being hilariously mismatched, and of inevitably breaking his heart.

Luckily though, we've put together this quiz so that you can make Megan's decision easily, without the overthinking and it actually affecting your life.