Jordan Gunselman
Editor of The Tab Temple

Students protest in rain and look towards 2018 elections

‘Let’s not wait four years. We’ve got two years.’

Temple students are already protesting the election results

There will be larger protests tonight and tomorrow

Donald Trump just won Pennsylvania

He’s now only six electoral votes away from victory

Anne Hathaway is on campus right now

In case you didn’t notice the commotion

Artist Joe Boruchow is covering Philadelphia with shitting Trumps

The piece is called ‘Trump Shit Bigly’

Police release video of Friday’s attack on Temple students

They’re asking anyone who saw the attack or who recognizes the suspects in the video to come forward with information

Temple’s NAACP branch condemns student’s use of racial slur

They ask the university to discipline the Temple student whose slurs went viral

EXCLUSIVE: Temple student calls out roommate for using racial slur

Mal Sary tweeted screenshots which she claims show her roommate calling her the ‘n’ word repeatedly

Campus preachers say girls shouldn’t be college educated

Homosexuals, porno freaks and masturbaters are also going to hell

It’s official: Temple is one of the top schools for entrepreneurship

The Princeton Review also called out Temple for clashing with the local community

Using Bumble as a Clinton supporter made men adore me

They’ve got the chills for Hill

I Tindered as a Trump supporter and got over 300 connections

Make My Love Life Great Again

Philadelphia mourns community members killed in Orlando

The mayor paid respects to a former Philadelphia high schooler who died

Meet five ‘hot chicks’ who aren’t voting for Trump

‘Ugly’ women aren’t the only ones not voting for him

Sexism in politics doesn’t just come from Republicans

A former governor said ‘ugly women’ probably won’t vote for Trump

This isn’t even the craziest election in US history

The standard is pretty high

Uber cookies are back

Once again, Uber will deliver cookies to your doorstep for free

Bernie and Hillary stop to take selfies in Philly ahead of primaries

Yeah, Philly Jesus was there

Philly Style is giving away FREE pizza today

Pizza lovers rejoice

Stadium Stompers and other groups march from Temple to City Hall

One protester began yelling at a Temple tour guide

Hillary Clinton is coming to Philly

What better place to promote her plans to break down barriers than in one of the poorest cities in America?

Anti-semitic tweet from Temple hockey player sparks anger

He has now apologized

Temple student Bobby Clancy wrote a Bernie Sanders rap

‘Bernie Sanders saved my life’

The Stadium Stompers are protesting AGAIN

A guy in a hot dog suit interrupted the protest and got booed

Henry Blosfelds forges ahead with campaign to build David Duchovny statue instead of Temple stadium

‘Visionaries have an obligation to join together and change the world’

Temple student and 7-11 employee hospitalized after car crashes into shop

Officers were still on the scene at 12 a.m.

PiLam brothers are trying to raise money for their puppy’s surgery

Buttercup needs surgery, let’s make it happen

How college taught me to handle my depression

My academic performance and future career could not take priority over my mental health

Tina Fey announces Temple scholarship

The comedy queen established the scholarship in honor of her late father

Someone started a petition to replace Temple stadium with a statue of TV star David Duchovny

The cause is gaining likes fast

You can now add Philly Jesus on Snapchat

Philly’s own skateboarding Jesus has quite an extensive social media presence

Nick Blom didn’t steal any Twinkies, so we gave him some


The official Hillary v. Bernie debate drinking game

Drink every time Bernie says ‘bill-yuh-nayes’

What actually happened last night at the Tech

Despite the rumors, the guy wasn’t arrested for stealing 28 Twinkies

The line at Fresh Grocer is INSANE right now

If you’re stocking up for the weekend, brace yourself

Temple is the fourth fastest growing college for sugar babies


There’s a new emoji app just for Philly (and Temple)

We’re calling them Philly-mojis

Temple just banned hoverboards on campus

They want you to ‘be sensitive to plant life’

A non-Jewish person’s guide to celebrating your first Hanukkah

Step 1: figure out how to spell Hanukkah

Students are posting nudes, drugs and partying pics for mass audiences

Who says posting identifiable naked pictures of yourself on social media is a bad idea?

The most Temple things that happened this week

Students cried in the Tech, decorated for the holidays and posted mass amounts of nudes to Temple Nation

Temple students’ best tweets about finals

Finals suck. Here are some funny tweets about it to cheer you up

The most Temple things that happened this week

We won. Again

Queer Student Union holds vigil for Transgender Day of Remembrance

And surprisingly few people showed up

The most Temple things this week

What you might have missed

A summary of this month’s campus crime so far

Though we’ve had fewer TUalerts, campus isn’t crime free

The best of the Bell Tower Preacher

‘At McDonalds! You can advance the kingdom of God at McDonalds! You don’t need prestige’

Temple, Drexel and UPenn students unite in Million Student March

‘Free education seems to be very comprehensible to the rest of the developed world, but here we’re being exploited by large corporations’

Catching up with Mr. Temple, Ray Smeriglio

‘This place has embraced me and given more to me than I could ever give to them, ever’

Temple’s best Halloween costumes

Who says only girls can rock sexy costumes?

Temple sucks at holiday decorating

Halloween is a week away and Temple students have once again shown their inability to be spirited about anything

Do you actually feel safe on campus?

‘It used to be like, something happened on French Street, and it’s like, well that’s your fault for living on French’

Skip class today? You’ve just wasted $50

If you’re too lazy to go to class, you’re probably too lazy to figure out how much it cost you

Temple football on the brink of national ranking

So close to the AP Top 25 we can taste it

Suspect in rape case arrested for unrelated charges

The charges are unknown at this time

Students Concerned By Threat Against Unspecified University

So we still have to go to class . . . ?

Matt Giampa: Temple’s Biggest Eagles Fan

This guy spent almost $200 getting his favorite football team’s logo tattooed on his bicep

The good, the bad and the ugly of study abroad at Temple

‘The first month or so I was just miserable. It almost ruined my whole experience’