Tanisha Wright

A message to the UVA Class of 2021: Charlottesville is your home, and it isn’t what you saw this weekend

‘We will not be driven out by ignorance and hate. We will not leave UVA until we got what we came there for’

Have You Bought Tickets for CRAVE yet?

If you are at all interested in fashion, good music, and a good atmosphere it is a must see

New student center opens on the Corner

Some of you might remember it as the old UVA bookstore

More Than A Cancer Survivor

‘I saw the lump on my neck and ran to my computer and literally typed in: ‘lump, neck, ow, dying?”

We asked Charlottesville locals what they think of us

What do you think of when you think about the typical UVa student?

Ellen DeGeneres surprised two UVA brothers with charitable donation

Their clothing line raises funds for blindness research, as both brothers have a degenerative eye disease

Rolling Stone challenges verdict regarding Dean Eramo’s defamation case

After saying it respected the case’s decision, according to Eramo’s lawyer

What your laptop stickers say about you

You can definitely judge a Macbook by its cover

16th annual Lighting of the Lawn is tomorrow

Pavilions VIII and X will serve food and warm beverages

We asked Hoos about their Thanksgiving disasters

Perfect timing for your Dad to ask about your virginity in front of your entire family.

I didn’t find President Sullivan’s Jefferson quote offensive, just redundant

Should we still bring him up so frequently?

We filtered Burnett’s vodka to see if it tasted better

It actually works!

UVA Republicans revoke Trump endorsement

In light of Republican leaders across the country revoking

BSA Speaks out against the Deaths of Keith Lamont Scott and Terence Crutcher

All students are encouraged to wear black today to express their support

The Ambassador Program – what they can and can’t do

UVA Police Department’s Benjamin Rexrode explains

First Years’ expectations versus reality

No, it’s not exactly like the movies

Honest accounts of what it’s really like to be home for summer break

‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’

Everything to expect when you go to Virginia Beach

Get ready for burned feet and sleepy sun naps

What it’s really like dating someone in the Army

‘The mission has to come first, and sacrifices have to be made’

For the first time since moving here, I feel unsafe as a black woman in this country

In the aftermath of Alton Sterling’s shooting, things need to change

I don’t completely understand what it means to be a feminist

But I do love Beyonce

I asked men what they find most annoying about women

Does the term ‘fuckboy’ need a female equivalent?

I asked men what they find most annoying about women

Does the term ‘fuckboy’ need a female equivalent?

When my boyfriend was diagnosed with cancer, people were surprised I stayed with him

‘I don’t believe in leaving people, especially when someone needs you most’

I asked my friends, what does it mean to be a woman?

‘We can deeply love and care for the people around us but still fight and win for ourselves’

What do college women spend most of their money on?

Apparently spending $10 on Chipotle is a bad financial move

What it’s like to be German and American

I’ve been pronouncing the word ‘debt’ wrong for years and didn’t even know

I went to the CRAVE fashion show and it was insane

‘You must call it CRAVE because each year you crave it more’

CRAVE hosts their annual fashion show this Friday

This year the show is called ‘Disturbia’

We talked to the preacher who is always in the ampitheatre

‘I did drug trafficking but God changed my life just as he can change yours’

Why I won’t be voting this year

I can’t partake in something I don’t take seriously

Meet the students who are offering ‘Bae-for-the-Day Services’

‘By calling the number 1-800-201-SIDE a girl can have the date of a life time’

Meet fourth year Rhodes scholar Russell Bogue

‘It’s kind of like American Idol actually’

The Cavalier Marching Band is playing at the Macy’s Day Parade

‘It’s a huge deal, and it’s easily the biggest audience most of the people in band will ever have’

How Rolling Stone’s fabrication changed Greek life at UVA

‘We make jokes about Phi Psi now but we still go there’

Phi Kappa Psi files $25m lawsuit against Rolling Stone

Frat says its reputation has been ‘catastrophically harmed’

This second year sells her art on Etsy

And she only started painting a month ago

Squirrels of terror: UVA terrorized by furry rodents

‘They’re too ballsy’