Sophie Marsh

60 per cent of Durham think consent classes should be compulsory

Durham is the worst uni for sexual assaults

65-year-old man dies after Heart Attack in Bill Bryson

He had a cardiac arrest on level four of the library

Everyone lost it when Rugby All Blacks Dan Carter and Richie McCaw came to Durham

Durham concludes Dan Carter is hot

Uni bosses oppose more student homes at The Gates

They prefer Poundland

Durham named fifth best uni in the Good University Guide

Where the hell are Exeter?

Fresher told he’s 2000 years late for uni

He was supposed to start 15 years after Jesus was born

Meet this year’s legendary freshers

Durham will never be the same again

Durham vs Duke: Who is the best Durham-based uni?

They pronounce it ‘Durrrr-ham’

How local is your college?

Everyone really is from Guildford

Trevs athletes condemn ‘extreme’ punishments for enjoying formal

Panna cotta was thrown

Water Safety Week campaign hits Durham

Barely anyone is even here

Two freshers rescued from river by Boathouse bouncers

Both were fined afterwards

69-year-old man dies after falling into river suffering a medical condition

An air ambulance landed on Palace Green

Trevelyan slated for ‘owls at Harry Potter-themed formal’ plans

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